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See Why Guests Slapped This Bar

The Art Institute of Chicago's recent fund-raiser featured unusual bar service.

Photos: Al Zayed Photography (left), Dave Suarez (right)

The Art Institute of Chicago's evening associates hosted the fifth annual Night Heist on June 19. Geared toward young professionals, the fund-raiser drew 1,100 guests and offered a look at the museum's current exhibition: Charles Ray: Sculpture, 1997-2014.  Inspired the work of the sculptor, mixologist Adam Seger created a specialty cocktail for the evening called "Ice. Black. Life." and served the drink from an interactive station.

At the bottom of the bar was a wall of living herbs; guests were encouraged to slap the herbs to release their natural flavors. Then, Seger poured a mixture of vodka, vermouth, magnolia, and wine over ice at the top of the bar, and the liquid filtered down through black limes to become infused with the dried fruit. Finally, the drinks were poured into martini glasses and garnished with fresh herbs and silver-plated cardamom.

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