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Event Tech Check: The Newest Tools for Floor Plans, Event Management, Video Creation, and More

BizBash takes a deep dive into the newest tech solutions for events of all types, plus the latest must-know industry news.

New Event Tech Tools for July 2024
At Money20/20 Europe in early June, the cleverly named Na.i.ture Stage tied back into the overall show theme—"Human x Machine"—by imagining what a tree- and plant-based stage design would look like if created by an AI. The result was a hybrid design featuring black steel and LEDs for the roots, plus tree trunks and real plants and foliage for the bushes and canopy. The team also built an experimental AI co-host called Aiana—complete with her own persona and fintech expertise—who came to life as a digitized, blooming flower on the screen between content sessions. See more: 8 Steal-Worthy Engagement Strategies From Money20/20 Europe
Photo: Courtesy of Money20/20

Event Technology We're Excited About This Month

To visualize exactly what your event will look like
The Event Playground bills itself as the world’s first event virtualization platform. Users upload venue and scenic CAD files, then receive a content template that can easily be customized—essentially allowing them to create a virtual clone of their event and explore every inch of the space and its content before the gathering even happens. The platform lets users collaborate in real time with remote teams around the world, easily rehearse with top executives and speakers, and review all content virtually within the context of the actual venue. 

“Production teams are speculating as to how the event will play in the actual location, and senior leadership has no idea what to expect of the content, the screens, or the venue,” notes The Event Playground’s website. “What if there were a better way, where your entire team could have absolute confidence and certainty around how the show will look and play and execs could experience the entire show in its full context, all before ever stepping foot in the venue?” 

Mile 80 - Event Playground 2024 from Mile 80 on Vimeo.

For real-time interpretation and transcription
Audio streaming platform Mixhalo has launched Mixhalo Translate, which provides real-time, AI-generated foreign language interpretation and transcription for live events. This service streams interpreted audio directly to attendees' smartphones, simplifying the logistics of traditional interpretation methods. The company notes Mixhalo Translate eliminates the need for extensive equipment and human interpreters, and offers affordable and effortless interpretation for up to 50 languages. When combined with Mixhalo Live, it allows attendees to listen to sessions in multiple languages or directly from the microphone with high-fidelity audio.

Mixhalo Translate is a natural extension for the company that has built its business by providing real-time, ultra-low-latency audio to tens of thousands of fans in notoriously difficult live events environments, including NASCAR races; the MLB All-Star Game; NBA, NHL, and MLS games; and concerts for artists like Sting and Metallica. â€śInterpretation at conferences and live events is done the same way today as it was in 1995,” said Mixhalo CEO John Vars. “We already have the platform to stream audio in difficult live events environments, which we’ve been fine-tuning for almost a decade. Mixhalo is perfectly positioned to serve this market and bring the interpretation experience into the AI era.”

For the latest in event management software
Evexus, an advanced event management software solution, officially launches this week, harnessing innovative technology such as AI, sequential registration, and pay-first billing to fill a gap in the market. Initially developed in 2018 to support large-scale hybrid events, evexus now offers a sophisticated platform that aims to replace outdated and complex systems that consume valuable time and resources. Evexus provides a central hub that enables event planners to manage various event types, with key features like an intuitive registration system, branded event websites, real-time program management tools, a mobile event app, and QR code-based self-check-in options. The product also supports live translation, multilingual assistance, e-poster terminals, AI-assisted live builds, and gamification elements to enrich event content and interaction. 

"Our goal is to transform the way events are managed by providing a solution that is not only efficient but also reliable and easy to use," said co-founder Jordan Walsh. "We believe that by eliminating the complexities associated with traditional event technology, we can help event planners deliver exceptional experiences."

For hands-free deliveries
New Event Tech Tools for July 2024"The new CLOi ServeBot is going to help our hospitality and healthcare customers streamline their operations," said Mike Kosla, senior vice president of LG Business Solutions USA. "The introduction of a door-type service robot reinforces our commitment to constantly innovate in ways that bring meaningful new benefits to our customers.”Photo: Courtesy of LG Business Solutions USALG Business Solutions USA has launched the next-generation LG CLOi ServeBot, an autonomous service robot designed for hospitality and healthcare settings. Unveiled at HITEC 2024, this four-door robot, model LDLIM31, can perform delivery tasks to ease the workload on staff. It features adjustable shelving, can hold up to 30 kilograms per compartment, and even accommodates up to 32 coffee cups. The CLOi ServeBot can navigate between floors using elevators, traverse uneven surfaces, and detect item removal with built-in sensors. It utilizes AI to avoid obstacles, communicate with other robots, and determine optimal routes. The robot also features a 10.1-inch display for mobile advertising and provides voice guidance for sight-impaired users, with real-time monitoring and scheduling available through the LG CLOi Cloud Station.

For an all-in-one floor plan solution
Tripleseat—a sales and event management platform for restaurants, hotels, and event venues—has acquired Merri, a 3D floor plan and event design application. This acquisition enhances Tripleseat's suite of tools, providing a seamless all-in-one solution for event planning and management. By integrating Merri's advanced design capabilities, users can create detailed, customizable floor plans, visualize and plan events more intuitively, and optimize space utilization. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Merri to the Tripleseat family," said Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. "This acquisition represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide the hospitality industry with the most comprehensive and user-friendly event management solutions. Merri's innovative technology aligns perfectly with our vision and we are excited to bring these enhanced capabilities to our customers." 

To quickly create compelling video content
Spokn allows users to create branded people-centric videos in minutes. Employees or event speakers can record a simple video, and Spokn can automatically stitch the clips together into a single dynamic video that features a company logo, speaker names and titles, and profile pictures. The videos can then be shared on Slack or Teams, or on social media feeds or websites. While the product is often used to spotlight employees, it can also be a great option for event promotion—conference organizer Opal Group, for example, recently tapped Spokn to create a sneak peek at what faculty members would share during an upcoming academic event. (Click here to see more.)

To easily find and book event add-ons
Event travel startup Crewfare has launched Crewfare Explore, which the company is billing as "first AI-powered event discovery travel booking platform." It aims to revolutionize how travelers find and book experiences, combining AI technology with curated events and exclusive travel deals. With Explore, you can specify your desires in detail, such as “EDM music festivals in Miami" or "food events near New Orleans." The platform uses advanced AI to understand your specific interests and provide tailored event recommendations.  

"We identified a gap in the market for a centralized platform that not only helps travelers find the best events but also simplifies the booking process," said Crewfare co-founder Jordan Scheffler. "To fill that gap, we’ve created Explore as a one-stop shop using AI to level up event discovery and travel planning.”  

The Latest Updates, Promotions, Funding, and Merger News

Web Summit, a global technology events company, announced it is launching a new North American flagship event. The first Web Summit in North America will take place in Vancouver in May 2025 and bring together thousands of international entrepreneurs in tech, unicorn founders, Midas investors, and global media. Web Summit Vancouver succeeds Collision in Toronto and continues the company's mission to support and connect the global technology ecosystem. 

Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered conversational experience platform, has acquired Factoreal, a marketing automation platform for sports and entertainment. This acquisition enhances Satisfi Labs’ capabilities by integrating inbound and outbound messaging, allowing for more personalized and effective customer engagement through their new "Conversational Journey Management" system. Key features include intent-based communication campaigns, AI agents for multichannel actions, and a new integration builder for partners.

Contextual advertising company Seedtag has partnered with geospatial technology platform Foursquare to help clients measure and understand the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns using location intelligence. Foursquare leverages deep machine learning and privacy-first insights to redefine how organizations derive value from location intelligence. Through Foursquare Attribution, Seedtag's clients can validate that their partnership with Seedtag effectively boosts foot traffic and sales to their physical locations. 

The multicity Breakaway Festival has launched its new app, powered by SHEIN. The tool is designed to enhance the festival experience, allowing users to explore the full lineup, discover new artists, and select their must-see performances to build a personalized schedule; it also provides real-time updates and detailed information about on-site sponsor activations.

BMA House, an award-winning sustainable venue in London, announced its latest initiative to support clients' understanding of the carbon emissions associated with the events they hold, as they transition to net zero. In collaboration with Planet Mark, BMA House now offers a complimentary carbon calculator tool designed to estimate the emissions associated with holding events at the venue.

—with additional reporting by Sarah Kloepple

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