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Event Tech Check: Exciting New Tools for Attendee Engagement, Live Translation, Staffing, and More

BizBash takes a deep dive into the newest tech solutions for events of all types, plus the latest must-know industry news.

During its May 13 benefit, Robin Hood—New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization—honored its decadeslong effort to create a more utopian society with references to the dystopian plotline made famous in The Matrix. Guests were ushered into the event via a tunnel that displayed “digital rain” consisting of symbols representing Robin Hood’s work—a nod to similar coding in the 1999 film. See more: Robin Hood's 2024 Benefit Gala Enters 'The Matrix'—with No Glitches but Plenty of Glamour
During its May 13 benefit, Robin Hood—New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization—honored its decadeslong effort to create a more utopian society with references to the dystopian plotline made famous in The Matrix. Guests were ushered into the event via a tunnel that displayed “digital rain” consisting of symbols representing Robin Hood’s work—a nod to similar coding in the 1999 film. See more: Robin Hood's 2024 Benefit Gala Enters 'The Matrix'—with No Glitches but Plenty of Glamour
Photo: Courtesy of Robin Hood

In Case You Missed It

It's been about a year and a half since ChatGPT launched, making AI more accessible to the masses. In a recent story, we asked event professionals to share how they're using—or not using—the technology in their day-to-day roles.

We also recently spotlighted a new Lionel Messi-focused experience, which uses 360-degree mapping technology, 3D visuals, and artificial intelligence to bring the player’s story to life. Other tech-forward event coverage has included Tennessee Tourism's custom sensory experience, which leveraged electroencephalogram technology to measure fans’ responses to Tennessee destinations based on sound, and "BLOOMTANICA," an exhibition by floral artist Jeff Leatham that features stunning IRL installations combined with unique digital components.

Event Technology We're Excited About This Month

To better communicate with attendees
Splash, a global event marketing technology company, has announced a new integration with event app builder Guidebook. Set to be available in June, this integration will allow Splash users to boost attendee engagement by providing easy access to event details through a mobile app, enhancing on-site communication and facilitating networking opportunities. Features include instant push notifications, real-time content updates, and interactive elements like live polls and Q&A sessions. Additionally, the app supports networking with features like private messaging and a social feed, along with revenue-generating opportunities through in-app sponsorships and targeted ads. Comprehensive analytics and feedback tools are also included to help measure event success.

“One of the biggest challenges for event organizers is creating authentic in-person experiences for attendees,” said Kate Hammitt, CMO of Splash. “Using an event app is a critical piece of that on-site experience, facilitating connection, relaying real-time information, and ensuring attendee value. We’re partnering with Guidebook because their best-in-class event app software will work seamlessly with Splash to showcase the brand at every touchpoint, support higher engagement, and, ultimately, drive better business results.”

To simplify the planning process
Joi is a planning and scheduling software built by event planners, for event planners. It's an affordable option starting at just $40 per month, which gives customers access to a program builder, a microsite, an event app, scheduling tools, and budget management; company co-founder Rob Vass notes that the service can drastically up event professionals' productivity, reducing time spent on event documentation by around 80%. An added bonus? The license does not limit collaboration—customers can invite whomever they want to the workforce without paying any extra fees.

For instant live translation—on a budget
Interprefy, a provider of multilingual meeting technology, has launched Interprefy Now, a new product that offers AI-powered instant live translation for small- to medium-sized professional meetings. The feature allows attendees to participate in multilingual discussions using just a smartphone—without needing any prior booking or specialized equipment. The service translates both spoken language and text captions in real time, enabling participants to communicate in their preferred languages during meetings. 

“If you've ever needed to communicate with people who speak a different language than yours in a professional situation, and don’t want to extend your meeting’s duration with consecutive interpretation or have equipment for simultaneous interpretation, then Interprefy Now is for you," said Oddmund Braaten, CEO of Interprefy. "Our AI language translation products make multilingual language access available to a wider range of organizations and events that might have smaller budgets.”

For career coaching services in the event industry
Soundings, a digital talent platform for connecting organizations with relevant freelance and full-time talent in the business event industry, announced the launch of Soundings Elevate, offering career coaching services designed to elevate the careers of business event professionals. The coaching products are designed to accelerate career advancement and progression into leadership roles by providing a safe space for individuals to overcome personal barriers such as limiting beliefs and lack of confidence, while also addressing organizational and social challenges like inadequate mentorship and limited networking opportunities. Coaching services include strength assessments, a three-month career accelerator, and one-on-one coaching. 

Soundings Elevate coaching services launched in mid-May and are available for purchase online. "Our team views the launch of the Soundings Elevate career coaching products as more than just an expansion of our services," said Tracy Judge, founder and CEO of Soundings. "It's a commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where all professionals, especially women, have the resources and opportunities to thrive."

To offer more personalized service at venues
Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., has incorporated hologram technology into its penthouse and presidential suite. The Proto M is a portable, tabletop holographic communications device from Los Angeles-based company Proto, the world’s first and only holographic communications platform. The device allows the hotel’s guest experience team to live-beam directly into the room at designated times; staff and guests are able to see each other and communicate in real time to review the day’s itinerary, capabilities within the suite, and more. While Four Seasons is initially leveraging the Proto partnership to improve the guest experience, in the future, the technology could be used to beam people in for meetings, in-suite shopping, and more.

To better understand Canada's tourism industry
Destination Canada launched a data and analytics platform that aims to revolutionize the Canadian tourism industry and boost economic growth. The Canadian Tourism Data Collective is a secure, centralized platform designed to harness the power of data to increase Canada's competitiveness. Officially launched at the Hotel Association of Canada's annual conference in Montreal, the platform is a partnership between Destination Canada, Statistics Canada, and the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The platform aims to offer timely, relevant, and actionable insights to a wide range of stakeholders, including communities, tourism operators, government, small businesses, and large investors, allowing them to make critical decisions. 

The Latest Updates, Promotions, Funding, and Merger News

BCD Meetings & Events has unified its technology offerings under the new brand EMPOWER by BCD Meetings & Events, designed to enhance clarity and highlight the specific efficiencies of each tool within the suite. EMPOWER includes six tools: Venues, a digital sourcing platform; HCP, an app for managing healthcare programs; Invitation, a Cvent extension for managing event invites; Insights, a data analytics platform with interactive visualizations; Expense, a tool for managing nonemployee expenses; and Assist, a new generative AI tool aimed at boosting productivity and streamlining everyday tasks. 

Bear Analytics has announced its strategic partnership with Cvent, making its data analytics platform, Bear IQ, accessible to a wider audience of event professionals through the Cvent Marketplace. By integrating with Cvent's event platform, Bear IQ now offers event organizers a unified view of their event’s registration, content, and lead data across a series of easy-to-use interactive dashboards and AI-powered insights. Bear IQ surfaces insights in traditionally challenging areas, such as year-over-year comparisons, predictive forecasting, and tracking to revenue or attendee goals.

Komo Tech, a complete customer engagement platform that helps brands and properties connect with their customers through gamified experiences and interactions, has announced a partnership with Fanatics Events, the live and special event division of Fanatics. Komo Tech will work with Fanatics Events to unlock new levels of fan engagement at each stage of the fan journey through interactive and immersive experiences at several of their events over the next year, starting with Fanatics Fest NYC in August.

Plain Sight, an event marketing and ticketing platform, has formed an official partnership with The Players Company, founded by NFL alumni Richard Sherman, Sheldon Day, and Tom Zheng. The platform of over 500 athletes and investors is dedicated to helping its community build generational wealth through exclusive events, financial education, and its tech-enabled platform; Plain Sight will work with the company to find sponsorships and distribute tickets.

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