How MeetingPlay Makes Virtual Events Feel Personal

Virtual Event Personalization
Virtual Event Personalization
Photo courtesy of MeetingPlay.

A key goal when hosting an event is to help attendees forge meaningful connections. It might feel as though it's next to impossible in these socially distanced times, but the truth is you don't have to be physically near a person in order to feel close to them. MeetingPlay can help give meetings a personal touch from afar.

The company’s virtual engagement platform is based on the simple logic that a virtual event should mirror an in-person one as closely as possible. Following that guideline, hosts can create online events that feel wholly unique and customized.

Recommended Content and Networking

MeetingPlay will transform your perception of what engagement means. The team at MeetingPlay emulates the notion that a person can walk into a room and meet someone or discover new sessions. Powered with an AI-backed platform, attendees will experience everything that makes in-person events feel special, including personalized content and networking recommendations.

MeetingPlay can also help virtual attendees engage even more with an event. The platform features social integration and networking capabilities to make virtual events feel as real as any face-to-face gathering. Guests can chat with other attendees and even have video calls with each other without leaving the event.

Although this technology is being used to enhance virtual events, it's just as effective for hybrid or in-person meetings and events via MeetingPlay's mobile app.

MeetingPlay Virtual Event Platform Features

Here are a few ways that MeetingPlay infuses virtual events with a sense of personalization and excitement:

  • Branded home pages allow attendees to seamlessly navigate through features.
  • A personalized agenda-building function is available for users to utilize throughout an event.
  • Content discovery provides users recommended content based on sessions attended or favorited.

Networking Recommendations

  • One-on-one video calling
  • Social wall integration with Twitter
  • Event gamification that awards attendees points for engagement
  • Polling, chat, Q&A that can be "upvoted," and emoji reactions

These are just some of the features that go a long way toward improving the sense of personalization that attendees feel.

Create Meaningful Virtual Connections

One of the biggest reasons that attendees are drawn to events is the possibility to forge new professional connections, as well as the chance to gain new insights. MeetingPlay makes each of these goals easier.

The brand’s proprietary matchmaking technology takes networking to a whole new level, including matching attendees based on factors like title and affiliation. This makes it easier for virtual guests to network, even when they can't exactly circle the room.

Essentially, virtual events hosted with MeetingPlay are designed to replicate an in-person event in every way— attendees can schedule meetings, engage in a live Q&A, and even meet with exhibitors live from the comfort of their own homes.

Whether a virtual event is slated to accommodate 200 people or 200,000, you want to create an environment that feels custom-tailored and personalized, and MeetingPlay supplies the tools to do just that.

Experience MeetingPlay's personalization firsthand at the BizBash 2021 Event Style Awards.