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BizBash Announces Series of Jeffersonian Dinners: Apply Now for Your Seat at the Table

From New York to San Francisco to Detroit, event pros looking to pull up a chair at the BizBash table can apply now to be a part of in-depth, revolutionary conversations with industry peers at this series of Jeffersonian Dinners.

BizBash, Jeffersonian Dinner
Apply now to be a part of BizBash's Jeffersonian Dinner Experience, taking place throughout 2022 in New York, San Francisco and Detroit.

What exactly is a Jeffersonian Dinner? As you might guess, the concept comes from Thomas Jefferson himself, who was known for holding intimate dinner parties that resulted in insightful, thought-provoking conversations. (Learn more about the historically inspired event idea here.) 

In 2022, BizBash is hosting its own version of the timeless dinner party in partnership with Hubilo, starting with New York City on Feb. 3, followed by San Franciso in April and Detroit in August. To be considered for a seat at the table, event pros can apply now using the form below! 

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