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Entertainment Doubles as Decor at the A.G.O. Chagall Ball

Photo: Dean Tomlinson
In celebration of its new Marc Chagall exhibition, the Art Gallery of Ontario hosted the Chagall Ball for 350 guests on Tuesday. With the help of Jeffry Roick of McNabb Roick Events and Jann Coppen of The Idea Shop, the A.G.O. incorporated entertainment inspired by the artist that doubled as decor. Screens covered the archways in Walker Court and hired actors sat behind them, with animal masks and instruments made out of foam core with colour gel cutouts. Lights projected their shadows onto the screens. The actors played their faux instruments to the music—complete with flute and violin solos. The cutouts resembled stained glass, one of the artist’s mediums.

The Chagall Ball began with a French-themed cocktail party in Walker Square and was followed by a Russian-themed dinner upstairs in Baille Court, representing the artist’s two homelands.

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