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10 Companies Offering Yoga for Live, Virtual and Hybrid Events

Looking to add a yoga session to your next corporate meeting or event? Consider these fitness-forward companies that offer both in-person and virtual options for finding zen.

Virtual Yoga

It's International Yoga Day! More than a year into the influx of virtual events, it's likely you've either included a yoga session in your event or you've attended one. The fitness component isn't new to events and meetings, of course, but proved especially beneficial for virtual events at the height of the pandemic when many were still unable to leave their home and get out for some movement. 

Now, as live events slowly make their long-awaited comeback in hybrid form, yoga sessions are still being included in events' programming for their ability to offer attendees a soothing 30-minute break in an event's schedule, and a chance to clear their minds, take a deep breath and reenergize—something that's especially coveted amid network-heavy gatherings. 

Whether you're planning a small conference or a big corporate function, look to these 10 U.S.-based companies and independent yoga instructors offering up their best rejuvenating poses and relaxation techniques for live, virtual and hybrid gatherings. 

Love & Asana
Owner and yoga coach Tiffany Lord—who has been teaching wellness and functional movement virtually for more than 13 years—provides corporate group yoga programs via Zoom, with single sessions for $150 and a three-session package for $375. Sessions can accommodate up to 500 participants. 

“Yoga is a great way to break up hours of content by offering attendees ways to move and relax without separating from the event," says Lord. "[My] sessions can be customized to complement the theme of your event so the yoga feels cohesive with the program. In virtual yoga sessions, attendees can release tension from sitting all day, get in a quick workout with a Power Vinyasa Flow or meditate for a mental reset so they're more focused and productive during their sessions afterward. Virtual workshops on stress management and mobility can also be helpful educational components for attendees and offer a 'bonus' in the event program to address physical and mental health.”

Drunk Yoga
This cheeky fitness group is currently available for in-person events in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Nashville, but can also livestream virtual instructors to events anywhere in North America and beyond. Some popular experiences offered include their signature Drunk Yoga, which is a virtual happy hour type yoga, Coffee Yoga, Chair Yoga + Meditation (ideal for conference breaks) and Shake Your Ass-ana, which blends cardio, dancing and Drunk Yoga practices into one session. In-person and virtual group sessions can accommodate anywhere from two to 100 participants, with larger group sessions available upon request. Pricing ranges from $250 to $1,500-plus for corporate conferences.

FitGive Movement
Ideal for fundraising events, FitGive Movement out of Chicago incorporates activities such as yoga and indoor cycling into group fitness sessions while raising funds and awareness for your charity of choice. Founder Megan Wenstrup modifies her sessions to be accessible to all body types and fitness levels. (She even led a yoga session at BizBash's hybrid event last month!) Given the right setting, any size group can be accommodated, with rates starting at $500.

“I have a passion for fusing fitness and fundraising," she says. "When paired with a nonprofit that supports an event, these classes become very memorable, meaningful experiences."

Original Goat Yoga
Planners can book a private event at one of the many goat farms located around the country such as Monroe, Ore.; Williamston, Mich.; Mims, Fla.; and Alvin, Texas, among other locations. What started in 2016 as a unique small business concept has turned into a sought-after employee experience by corporations for private health and wellness events—not to mention a memorable team-bonding experience. Original Goat Yoga describes the experience as part yoga and part animal-assisted therapy. 

This Boston-based group offers on-site wellness sessions where the YogaPros bring their class to your office or can help find a location to accommodate the group’s size. Virtual and hybrid options are also available in live or prerecorded versions to keep remote employees or attendees included. (Virtual conferences are a big part of YogaHub’s services.) Session types can include anything from yoga and meditation to nutrition, coaching and fitness. YogaHub can accommodate groups of any size for both virtual and in-person sessions, with rates starting at $295 for a single 60-minute live virtual class for up to 50 participants.

“Yoga is the perfect antidote to screen fatigue and pain from habitual chair posture," says YogaHub founder and CEO Ali Singer. "We have classes such as Eye Yoga, Stand & Stretch, Guided Meditation and Restorative Yoga, which specifically address the tensions created from sitting at a computer for an extended period of time. Yoga has been proven to increase focus, boost energy, and improve mood, amongst countless other benefits. Our experiences provide the physical breaks people need to remain engaged in and enjoy your events.” 

Dig Yoga
This community-oriented New Jersey-based yoga studio has a new hybrid class schedule to bring more accessibility to events. Regular corporate yoga classes at Dig Yoga run for 60 minutes and can be tailored to any experience level. A four-week program is $150/class for a group of 15, and a 12-week program for a group of 15 is $125/class. A two-hour workshop on-site covers basic postures, alignment and breathing techniques following the structure of an introductory class, and can host up to 20 people for $250. Themed events and guided meditations are other options designed to address specific company needs.

Koya Webb
International holistic health coach Koya Webb can lead as many as 1,000 participants at a time for virtual corporate events, with rates starting at $5,000. “Virtual yoga allows people the comfort of flowing in their own space so it reduces comparison and judgment,” says Webb. “Yoga helps people leave the stress of the day behind so they can focus on the event.”

Balanced Humans
Since 2017, Washington-based Balanced Humans has been adapting to corporate events and their changing virtual structure. Business conferences, team-building exercises and lunch-n-learns are some of the traditional services offered. New additions, like ‘The Power of Living in the Moment’ class, focus on relieving anxiety that's attached to reopening and change and are available virtually, or in person in the Seattle area. Another way to get your team of 20 together is through the 75-minute outdoor class dubbed 'Paddle Board Yoga Goes Corporate,’ during which the yoga instruction takes place on paddleboards floating in the water.

“Balanced Humans offers all types of yoga, but Desk yoga (Mindful Movement) is our most popular and particularly easy yoga offering for nearly anyone who can move their body," suggests founder and lead teacher Nadine Blinn. "This class is mostly seated in a chair, or standing, and offers a lot of assisted poses. I don't teach the full version of downward facing dog in this class—try doing it with an office chair or your desk!" 

The Body Electric
This yoga and athletic biz offers corporate in-house and off-site experiences in and around St. Petersburg, Fla. The space is equipped with multiple rooms that can accommodate as many as 60 participants, as well as restrooms, showers and Wi-Fi, plus towels and mats for sale or rent. In-house session rates are $100 per hour for the room rental, plus $100 per hour for the instructor. Private sessions include a menu of various yoga and meditation activities. 

Office Meet Yoga
Based in San Francisco, Office Meet Yoga's instructors are available for hire for events, conferences, and, yes, even the office for virtual or on-site yoga and meditation. Conference offerings are extensive, including movement and fitness, well-being, stress resilience, workstation ergonomics and nutrition tips. Within these sessions, participants can dive deeper into a guided meditation, breathwork, Zumba and eye yoga. Live and prerecorded options are available, as well as hybrid options and consulting services for planning the event. 

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