Must-Read: Floral Design Ideas From Preston Bailey and Eddie Zaratsian

Designers Preston Bailey and Eddie Zaratsian take you behind the scenes of their blooming arrangements in two new books.

Composite Baileyzaratsian
Photos: Courtesy of Rizzoli (Bailey), Marianne Lozano Photography (Zaratsian)

Need floral inspiration? Two event designers share their latest creations in new books. Los Angeles-based Eddie Zaratsian released his first book, Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifestyle (Stichting Kunstboek), late last year. The collaboration with photographer Marianne Lozano shows off Zaratsian’s architectural arrangements that incorporate full-bloomed peonies, roses, orchids, twigs, berries, and pods. And available this week is Preston Bailey’s sixth book, Designing With Flowers (Rizzoli), which explores the inspiration and process behind recent work, from centerpieces and bouquets to hedge-like walls of greenery.

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