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Former Global Events C.E.O. Opens Boutique-Minded Event Management Agency

Photo: Courtesy of Adam Sloyer

Adam Sloyer, former C.E.O. of North America for Global Events, has left the experiential marketing company to start a new agency with colleague Lizz Torgovnick. The New York-based business, known as Sequence, will specialize in event management, production, and design for corporate, nonprofit, and association clients. Sloyer, who will act as the managing director, said he intends to draw from his training in hospitality and background with small and large event management firms.

"We want to bring back the emphasis on the individual experience, both in terms of working with clients and the individual experience for attendees at events,"  Sloyer said. "People always want to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, but I find that, especially with a global agency, a lot of times you almost take too many steps back and you might be seeing the big picture, but you're losing the details."

That means, to Sloyer, avoiding a cookie-cutter approach and not growing the team too big, too fast. "It's not one size fits all. What one client needs may not be appropriate for another client."

Sloyer, who currently serves as the vice president of programs and education for the International Special Event Society New York Metro Chapter, previously worked at PGI and moved on to Paint the Town Red before it was acquired by Global Events Group in 2008.

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