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VENUE: Britney's Latest Hit, Nyla

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There are no Britney Spears videos playing, or old costumes from past tours. In fact, there isn't anything at Nyla that would suggest that the pop princess is the owner, except for the occasional teenage tourists who pop in to ogle the room as if they expect to find Spears chowing down on fried chicken. Located in the Dylan Hotel, Nyla features a palette of eye-grabbing colors: pale celadon and deep pink high-backed banquettes on the main dining floor, sheer striped pastel fabrics that snake across the ceiling, and pale pink curtains against lavender walls in the lounge. The upstairs lounge can seat 40 or hold 100 for a reception and the dining room can seat 90 or hold 300 for cocktails. —Suzanne Ito
Posted 07.22.02

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