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Fresh Faces 2022: Josh Sugarman

Sugarman is the chief experience officer for Bite.Delivery, where he brings immersive theater events directly to consumers’ homes.

Josh Sugarman Copy
Photo: Courtesy of Josh Sugarman

Josh Sugarman is the chief experience officer for Bite.Delivery in Los Angeles, where he's been drawing on his TV and film background to create unique, at-home immersive theater experiences like Vampire (dot) Pizza and Codename Burg3r.

How he spends his days: "We create events and restaurant concepts that turn food delivery into an entire night of interactive entertainment that family and friends experience together, right from their kitchen table. When the pandemic began, we knew folks needed a new sort of event, and a new way to access it. That's when we started delivering."

Biggest takeaway from the past two years: "People will always find new ways of coming together, even when they have to be apart."

Impact he wants to have on the industry: "Folks can't be at a great in-person event all the time. We're focused on how tech can bring people together and create community, even when you're eating at home."

Advice for his peers: "Think outside of the traditional four walls. New technologies and strategies can turn even the most mundane parts of our day-to-day life into an event."

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