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Fresh Faces 2022: Michael Wallace

Wallace is the VP of sales for Firefly Team Events and an active event-industry volunteer.

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Photo: Courtesy of Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace, 35, is the vice president of sales for Firefly Team Events, a virtual and in-person team-building company based in Orange County, Calif. He's also an active board member of SITE, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence.

How he spends his days: "I create and generate revenue through marketing, networking and building relationships. My main day-to-day is telling the story of Firefly to current and new partners while also managing our sales team as connect with clients. 

I got my start in the industry because someone who I used to work with at a camp I directed told me they had started this crazy, awesome team-building business but needed someone with my sales brain to take the mission to the next level. Selling a business that creates positive human experiences and builds happy culture and connection in workplaces was something I was excited to do. Once I got into this industry, I was hooked. Getting to work, collaborate and create with so many amazing people has been just incredible. I love this industry."

Biggest takeaway from the past two years: "When you believe in yourself and the people you work with, there is nothing you can't overcome. We felt a seismic shift happen when COVID approached our industry, and instead of asking ourselves 'will we have customers?' we stopped and asked 'how can we help our customers?' Our customers have strengthened their relationships with us, and we have grown exponentially because of this question—but it took resolve and belief in ourselves to get us here."

Impact he wants to have on the industry: "I want there to be a time, in the not so distant future, where when someone asks anyone in our industry about creating an experience or engagement or activity that is original, engaging, inclusive, kick-ass and amazing, they think of Firefly Team Events. If that happens, all my other goals will fall into place and our impact on the industry will be canon."

Advice for his peers: "Standing out matters. It is so easy to be another tree in the forest and there is definitely safety in that, but all of the people that have had the greatest impact on my growing career have stood out of the crowd. Those are the people I want to work and collaborate with. Just make sure you stand out for something positive."

In his free time: "I have been on the board of SITE SoCal for the last three years and was the vice president of event logistics for the first two. This year, I am the director of leadership development, which I am super excited about. I also was on the subcommittee for the SITE Global Young Leaders Conference in 2021."

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