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Fresh Faces 2022: Jessica Toro

Toro is an event coordinator for Intuit Canada with a passion for improving event strategy and making memorable experiences.

Jtoro Jessica Toro Copy
Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Toro

Jessica Toro, 28, is an event coordinator for Intuit Canada, based in Toronto. She has previously worked in event-related roles for Women’s College Hospital, WCM, Orbis International and more, and completed the Event Management graduate certification program from Humber College. 

How she spends her days: "I focus on the execution of an event strategy that positions and supports Intuit QuickBooks as a market leader. Every day I work collaboratively across different business units and teams from sales, marketing and product to develop and run two event webinar programs for our customers. 

After going to college for a post-grad certificate in event management, I quickly got my start in the non-for-profit world. I went from supporting events on the sidelines to running a large student event portfolio that contained three large national conferences. From there, I’ve explored opportunities in many different industries, and I spend every day grateful that I get to do something I’m passionate about as a career." 

Biggest takeaway from the past two years: "Never get comfortable! Truly continue to push yourself, learn new things and challenge yourself and the people around you. This industry is full of strong, determined people who pushed forward even when a pandemic threatened everything, including their livelihood. I think the pandemic really showed us the flexibility required in this industry and how we have been able to pivot successfully."

Impact she wants to have on the industry: "You do not have to be the loudest and most outgoing person in a room to make an impact in this industry. I want to remind people that sometimes the quiet, pensive folks sitting at the table can have the biggest impact just by listening. I want to continue working with forward-thinking people and inclusive companies to create memorable experiences.

My biggest career goal is to one day work at a dream Canadian company (Knix, Smash + Tess, Indigo—I’m looking your way!) where I can play an important role in creating or improving their event strategy."

Advice for her peers: "Dream big, network and never stop learning! Remember that even in the chaos, 'life is beautiful' and we can achieve big goals when we work hard and push boundaries. Reach out to your peers, build relationships with your suppliers, mentor students and don’t let small mistakes ruin your day."

In her free time: "I'm an active volunteer with the MPI Toronto Chapter."

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