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Industry Innovators 2022: Gregg Dukofsky

The owner of Interactive Entertainment Group loves putting new spins on existing technology to create unique corporate entertainment options.

Industry Innovators 2022: Gregg Dukofsky
"I love seeing people’s faces light up while interacting with one of our experiences," Dukofsky says. "It’s humbling knowing all the smiles I’ve helped create since starting my business over 30 years ago."
Photo: Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment Group

Industry Innovators 2022: Gregg DukofskyPhoto: Courtesy of Gregg DukofskyGregg Dukofsky is the owner and visionary behind Interactive Entertainment Group, a nationwide source for corporate entertainment and brand experiences he founded in 1988. He's based in New York.

How he got his start: Before launching Interactive Entertainment Group, Dukofsky owned a recording studio where he focused on producing promotional music videos for bands. "It wasn’t until my friends visited my studio and goofed off with the equipment that I had an idea for a new company, allowing everyday people to star in their own music video," he remembers.

Eventually, Dukofsky pitched the idea to the AdventureLand amusement park on Long Island—and "before I knew it, lines of people waited hours for the chance to try out the experience," he says. "As businesses and planners began to approach me for music videos at their events, I knew there was potential for something much more."

Dukofsky began developing a business model and expanding his inventory to include more interactive products. "It took decades for me to grow my business into what it is today: a direct resource for corporate entertainment nationwide," he says.

What sets his company apart: In addition to its large inventory, Dukofsky explains that Interactive Entertainment Group is all about the value it can provide to clients. "Rather than seeing us as a vendor, our clients look at us as a long-term partner for achieving their event goals," he explains. "Whether a client is looking to boost attendee engagement, generate leads, or show employee appreciation, they know they can rely on our creativity, professionalism, and logistical capabilities to consistently bring their vision to fruition."

What innovation means to him: To Dukofsky, innovation is synonymous with originality. "Rather than following trends, my team prides itself on creating them and staying ahead of the curve. Whether an idea comes to me at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., I’m always thinking about how I can put a spin on emerging (or existing!) technology to create something fresh and exciting for my clients and the industry," he says.

Industry Innovators 2022: Gregg Dukofsky"This event put our product on the map and has since become a viral sensation," Dukofsky says. "To date, we have produced custom variations of the claw for some of the largest brands: Salesforce, Wendy’s, Sci-Fi Network, Squishmallows, and Fruit of the Loom, to name a few."Photo: Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment GroupCareer highlights: Dukofsky cites two stand-out memories from his long career, including the 2018 launch of Ben and Jerry’s new Moo-phoria ice cream. "My team was approached by a marketing agency looking for a unique way to promote Ben & Jerry’s new [flavor]. This launch coincidentally fit perfectly with an idea I had to create a life-sized version of a claw machine," he says. "Merging the launch with my idea, we produced a 'Moo-phoria Pint Diver,' lifting consumers 14 feet in the air and dipping them into a 5-foot-high inflatable pint of ice cream filled with custom prizes."

He also recalls a recent activation for Candy Digital, which involved a fully branded, 40-by-40-foot virtual pitching and batting experience for this year’s VeeCon at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. "The activation was made possible by our Ultimate Sports Arena, which is a simulator that can be used for any sport and customized for any team or brand," Dukofsky explains. "While this experience is constantly booked by our clients, what made this event memorable for me was the scale of it. It just goes to show that the sky is the limit when it comes to branding and customization." Industry Innovators 2022: Gregg DukofskyInteractive Entertainment Group's Ultimate Sports Arena activation is a three-screen simulator system that can transport attendees into the arenas of their favorite sports teams.Photo: Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment Group

His favorite thing about working in events: "I’ve always had a love for games, and the fact that I've been able to translate this passion into a career brings me unimaginable joy," Dukofsky says. "But besides doing what I love every day, what is most rewarding to me happens at the events themselves. I love seeing people’s faces light up while interacting with one of our experiences. It’s humbling knowing all the smiles I’ve helped create since starting my business over 30 years ago."

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