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2021 Connect Association 15 Over 50: Christopher Kirbabas

Christopher Kirbabas, 50, is the Director of Programs for the Society of Architectural Historians. He's based in Chicago.

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Christopher Kirbabas, 50
Director of Programs, Society of Architectural Historians, Chicago

What I do: 
I’m a convener and facilitator. I work with an incredible staff and group of volunteers to bring together individuals from all over the world to discuss the history of the built environment. Through the programs I oversee, including our annual conference, fellowships, awards and study programs, I am excited to help foster conversations surrounding the past, present and future of architecture in all forms.

How I got here: 
I have been incredibly fortunate in my career to be surrounded by people who believe in me, push me and inspire me. With a lot of hard work on my part and a lot of faith on their part I have grown in this industry to a point where I hope I am contributing member of a team to help advocate for conversation.

My greatest career accomplishment:
The incredible network of professionals I have been privileged to know  

Impressive stats: 
With only one exception, I am proud every meeting I have ever managed has been under budget in expenses and exceeded revenue. I hope I continue to provide the best meeting experience and value for our members, volunteers and staff.

What I am excited to be working on right now:
Finding the balance between pushing myself to be more technically proficient in a virtual world while still providing a meaningful experience.

Public figure I admire most: 
Pete Buttigieg

What I do outside of work: 
Spending time with my husband, cooking and enjoying time with friends.

Favorite vacation destination:
New York City

Your favorite inspirational quote: 
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” –Thomas E. Edison