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Let's Talk Event Tech

Incorporating the latest event tech will not only enhance your attendees’ experience, but also will give the tech geeks in the crowd some gnarly stuff to flip out over. Here, seven products and services on the cutting edge.


Expect to see these total immersion devices more frequently at events. They make experiences feel so real, attendees forget they’re wearing a computer and they’re in a convention center. The headset creates a 3-D virtual environment eliminating boundaries for product demos, virtual site visits, training videos or branding experiences.    


Your less-than-stellar smartphone photos and video of a conference will suddenly look like Steven Spielberg documented it with this video app. It’s one of a handful on the market using AI to enhance everyday video. Create short recaps of sessions, document sponsorship activation or create themed video albums.


Access into an event, cashless payments for goods and services, social media integration, heat mapping to change traffic flow—futuristic RFID (radio-frequency identification) wristbands have allowed for significant improvements in theft, fraud, and security at events and festivals in the last few years by eliminating human error. The technology doesn’t require batteries and allows attendees to tap their wristband onto scannable readers throughout events.


Because a hotel’s layout is standardized and learnable, it makes the perfect playground for artificial intelligence. The hospitality industry is on the frontlines of using robots like Savioke’s Relay robot, which is already delivering items to guests at Residence Inn in Los Angeles. The ability to break down event space isn’t far behind.


Think of this 4K first-person POV camera as the next iteration of a GoPro. It mounts anywhere, goes anywhere and moves seamlessly between recording in 360-degree video to standard 16:9 format and back with ease. Use like traditional action cameras for event footage and social media.


This service allows your conference, panel discussion or workshop to connect with an audience outside a venue’s four walls. Watchable from desktop, tablet and mobile, your event can be broadcasted to millions or a select few in real time or download later. Livestream is like having a production team broadcast your event from a studio.


Abbit Meeting Innovation in Belgium created this new zero-delay meeting format for groups who need real-time interaction, but are often in far-removed time zones. (Think doctors in Spain and Singapore who converse and need voting capabilities.) Attendees don’t travel. The tech allows for two to 10 hubs with 10 to 100 participants each.

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