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VENUE: Wall Street Tech Center

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Editor's Note: Due to Think Tank's proximity to the World Trade Center site, the venue is no longer available as a special event space.

In the land of wingtips and stockbrokers near Wall Street sits Think Tank, a super-sleek, high-tech venue that boasts some of the latest meeting space equipment and technology around. The space offers two computer labs with 25 workstations each, and three more rooms that can be arranged in seminar, classroom or theater configurations. The Sappho Lounge (all of the rooms have ancient Greek names) offers cushy, bright orange easy chairs and the "E-bar," a long, snaking counter that offers T3 Internet connections for laptop-toters who want to check their email in their downtime. You can also rent an array of equipment, like digital whiteboards and LCD overhead projectors, and the venue also offers videoconferencing and Webcasting services. --Suzanne Ito
Posted 08.27.01

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