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New Fitness-Oriented Activity for Corporate Groups in Chicago

Photo: Courtesy of Monkey Bar Gym

Monkey Bar Gym opened in the South Loop in February. In lieu of machines, the gym uses running, jumping, crawling, and climbing to get its members in shape; it also offers yoga classes and nutritional guidance. The venue also offers hour-long private classes for groups. With an average of 20 guests, the sessions focus on basic fitness techniques or yoga and can incorporate teambuilding exercises. During one activity, called "You Go, I Go," teams of two take turns performing specific exercises. These can include resistance running with bands or crawling across the room as quickly as possible. Teams can also compete to achieve a certain number of combined reps for a particular exercise, and whichever team completes the reps first wins. "We structure the classes so that everyone has to encourage each other, so they're great for team bonding," says general manager Erin Webb. The average cost is $15 to $20 per person. The gym has a preferred list of vegan caterers; hosts are also welcome to bring in vendors of their choosing.

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