Gourmet's Rockin' Sales Meeting

Instead of shipping its sales folks to a sunny resort, Gourmet magazine held its annual advertising sales meeting in its lofty offices at 4 Times Square. (If you've got a cafeteria designed by Frank Gehry, execs must ask, why get all sandy in the Bahamas?) But the April 15 event wasn't without entertainment: For the meeting?s "Gourmet Rocks" theme, the sale reps were treated to a performance from Adharma, a band described by its drummer as a "no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-metal, ass-kicking post-core ride of adrenaline with some early Guns N' Roses gutterpunk attitude to boot," according to The New York Observer. (Last year's "Campaign Gourmet" meeting had political guest speakers like James Carville and Mark Green.) Gourmet publisher Gina Sanders told the Observer that the "assertive heavy-metal sound" of the band "communicated the message 'Gourmet Rocks.'"

Posted 04.24.02

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