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Industry Innovators 2024: Moray Smith

The president of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic approaches each project from the standpoint of the consumer.

Industry Innovators 2024: Moray Smith
In one of Moray Smith's favorite recent projects, Treehouse transformed an existing retail space into a fully rebranded Pleasing pop-up store inspired by Harry Styles' grandfather’s home.
Photo: Courtesy of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic

Industry Innovators 2024: Moray SmithPhoto: Courtesy of Treehouse Fabrication & ScenicMoray Smith is the president of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, which handles scenic fabrication, exhibit and set builds, metal- and woodwork, AV and lighting, and more for a variety of high-end clients. He's based in Los Angeles. 

How he got his start: "I got my start in events setup, working as a production crew member and eventually working my way up to crew lead. Shortly after, I joined NVE Experience Agency as a production manager. Over the years, I took on different roles at NVE, working as a producer and an account director, all the while finding a passion for creative work along the way.

I really enjoyed learning about and familiarizing myself with the fabrication portion of the work we were doing and saw potential for a growth opportunity specifically geared toward fabrication. That led to partnering with NVE CEO Brett Hyman on building Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, for which I now serve as president."

What sets his company apart: "What sets Treehouse Fabrication apart and makes us truly special is our unique perspective. With a wealth of experience in both experiential marketing and custom fabrication, we approach each project from the standpoint of the consumer, rather than solely focusing on the technical aspects of construction. We go above and beyond to support our clients by becoming their ideal partner for each unique project. We take the time to understand their goals and requirements, allowing us to identify the services that will contribute to a successful campaign. Our comprehensive support enables our clients to focus on their core objectives, knowing that we have their back every step of the way."

What innovation means to him: "Innovation means always looking for learning opportunities. For us, that comes in the form of new challenges that come up with many of the projects we take on. So often we are creating things that have never been done before. It’s important to stay innovative—because without innovation, there is no growth.

We are always inspired by our colleagues in the industry. If we’re not the ones setting the bar, then we go out to challenge it. We stay inspired through great ideas. Great ideas can come from anywhere, so I try to foster an environment where all team members can share their ideas." Industry Innovators 2024: Moray SmithThe Treehouse team worked with Slaack Productions on the Pleasing pop-up.Photo: Courtesy of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic

Memorable moments: "Treehouse was tasked with transforming an existing retail space in Los Angeles into a fully rebranded and customized Pleasing pop-up store inspired by Harry Styles' grandfather’s home. Key features included producing exterior illuminated signage on the existing retail space, a full rebrand of the entire existing space through the fabrication and build of custom product displays, custom changing rooms, custom clothing racks, and custom wooden shelving. What makes this particular project so special is the relationship we’ve built with the client. It’s now our second year in a row working with them on four different pop-ups."

His biggest hope for the event industry: "It’s been exciting to witness brands lean into experiential more and more. My biggest hope is that brands will realize the benefit of experiential, and eventually have it live at the center of their marketing campaigns."

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