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Today In Events: Bumble Forms All-Women Fortnite Team, ‘The Sopranos’ Gets a Fan Convention, Oscars Board Names David Rubin President

1. BUMBLE FORMS ALL-WOMEN FORTNITE TEAM: Dating and networking app Bumble has partnered with Gen.G, a global esports organization, to form the first-ever all-women Fortnite team, titled Team Bumble. The partnership’s goal is to empower women gamers and drive more female involvement in esports. CNBC: “Given that the gaming industry has traditionally been male-dominated, Chelsea Maclin, Bumble’s vice president of marketing, said connecting female gamers has become paramount to not only fostering healthy communities, but to growing gaming and esports as a whole. … Bumble’s partnership with Gen.G gives the platform access to an industry that research firm Newzoo predicts will generate more than $1 billion in revenue for the first time this year, up 27 percent year over year. The total global esports audience is expected to see growth of 15 percent by the end of the year to about 454 million, the researcher said.” 

2. ‘THE SOPRANOS’ GETS A FAN CONVENTION: The Sopranos is getting its own fan convention in celebration of the HBO drama’s 20th anniversary. SopranosCon will take place November 23-24 at Meadowlands Expo Center and feature a street festival theme inspired by the Feast of St Elzéar, according to organizers. Consequence of Sound: “‘There will be fan art galleries, exhibits, screenings, Q&As, trivia and costume contests, interactive games, and much more,’ said a release. To assist in bringing The Sopranos world back to life are a number of original cast members, including Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts), Vincent Curatola (Johnny Sack), Ray Abruzzo (Little Carmine), Federico Castelluccio (Furio), Vincent Pastore (“Big Pussy”), and David Proval (Richie Aprile).” 

3. OSCARS BOARD NAMES DAVID RUBIN PRESIDENT: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has elected David Rubin as its 35th president. Rubin, a casting director, will succeed John Bailey in leading the governing board of the Oscars. The Hollywood Reporter: “The election of Rubin as president will undoubtedly be cheered by his fellow members of ‘below-the-line’ branches, whose visibility on the Academy Awards telecast has often been threatened, most recently earlier this year when the board voted to present four Oscars recognizing below-the-line work during commercial breaks. The board, facing harsh industry backlash, ultimately backed away from the plan, but the on-air presentation of awards such as these is likely to remain under threat as the Academy's broadcasting partner, ABC, exerts pressure to deliver strong ratings for the telecast.”