Today In Events: Documents Show Trump Inauguration Planners Raised Spending Concerns, Washington Monument to Reopen in September, Burning Man Will Feature a Sauna Pavilion

1. DOCUMENTS SHOW TRUMP INAUGURATION PLANNERS RAISED SPENDING CONCERNS: A 10-page subpoena obtained by CNN shows event planners of Donald Trump’s inauguration raised concerns about extravagant spending in the weeks leading up to the event, which is being investigated by multiple agencies. The subpoena asked Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former adviser to Melania Trump, to provide information that included inaugural-related spending that was wasteful or mishandled. CNN: “But two people close to Wolkoff tell CNN that she has responded to the latest subpoena. That could be worrisome for people connected to the inauguration. Wolkoff was deeply involved in minute details of the inauguration planning and was included in emails viewed by CNN that included costs, schedules, and vendors, among other information. One of the sources close to Wolkoff told CNN that she is meticulous about record-keeping, and has maintained extensive records of her work surrounding the inauguration, including detailed ledgers and spreadsheets of budget expenses.”

2. WASHINGTON MONUMENT TO REOPEN IN SEPTEMBER: The Washington Monument will reopen September 19 after undergoing eight years of repairs due to an earthquake. The National Park Service said an estimated 2.5 million people missed their chance to go inside the landmark. Washington Post: “The reopening comes after earthquake damage to the interior and exterior of the 555-foot marble and granite structure forced its closure for [two-and-a-half] years as it underwent repairs that cost about $15 million. The work was funded by the government and a $7.5 million donation from local businessman and philanthropist David M. Rubenstein. Then, between 2014, when it reopened after the earthquake, and 2016, the monument’s elevator broke down 24 times, often stranding visitors who rode it to the top.” 

3. BURNING MAN WILL FEATURE A SAUNA PAVILION: Burning Man is known for its unusual art installations and structures in the middle of the Nevada desert and this year’s annual art festival will be no different. The event, which kicks off August 25, will have a usable Finnish sauna pavilion that will be constructed by attendees over the duration of the festival. The pavilion, named Sauna on Fire, was designed by J.K.M.M. and Sauna on Fire collective. Curbed: “The timber structure is shaped like a donut, its curving scheme designed to offer guests a gentle transition from the bright and arid outdoor conditions to the refreshing environment inside. In Sauna On Fire’s concept presentation, it laid out some ground rules for visitors who wish to spend time in the circular sauna. The banned list of topics and behaviors include: EDM, orgies, booze, parties, and cult recruitment. You are, however, allowed to sweat.”