Today In Events: U.S. Defeats Netherlands to Win Fourth World Cup Title, Trump’s Fourth of July Celebration Draws Bad Weather and Avoids Politics, Anheuser-Busch Wants to Become Official Beer of Esports

1. U.S. DEFEATS NETHERLANDS TO WIN FOURTH WORLD CUP TITLE: The United States defeated the Netherlands 2-0 on Sunday to win their fourth Women’s World Cup title. The New York Times: “The victory, which gave the United States a record four titles over all, was secured with goals from Rose Lavelle and Megan Rapinoe, the latter of whom was honored as the best player of a tournament in which her opponents, at times, ranged from rival teams to internet scolds. … In the competitive sense, this was by most accounts the toughest, most competitive women’s World Cup, reflecting all the progress made around the world in the game since the United States won the first edition of the tournament in 1991. Within this crucible, though, and amid the distractions, the American women hardly missed a beat. They scored 26 goals and allowed only 3. They did not trail for as much as a second, winning seven straight games, including four knockout-stage games in a row against a series of ascendant European rivals.” 

2. TRUMP’S FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION DRAWS BAD WEATHER AND AVOIDS POLITICS: President Trump gave a speech at his long-planned Salute to America event on July 4, in which he mostly celebrated the military and avoided talk of politics. The event on the National Mall was plagued by rain, but still drew supporters who stood on both sides of the reflecting pool. The event also drew anti-Trump supporters, including those who brought the infamous Baby Trump blimp. The Hill: “Fences spanning across the reflecting pool and onto the walkways halfway between the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial prevented those without the credentials from getting too close, creating a separation of White House invitees and the rest of the general public. … The crowd only turned away from the president to watch five separate flyovers honoring each branch of the military, which marked high points of Trump's speech and prompted raucous applause as Marine One helicopters, F-35 stealth jets, and the Navy Blue Angels passed overhead. Trump also requested military tanks be brought to the capital for the event. They were largely kept away from the masses, save for one armored vehicle that was on display near the crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial.” 

3. ANHEUSER-BUSCH WANTS TO BECOME OFFICIAL BEER OF ESPORTS: Anheuser-Busch has filed a trademark to legally become the official beer of esports. Individual esports leagues, including Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League, already had deals in place with Anheuser-Busch brand Bud Light to be the league’s official beer. Adweek: “Bud Light is happily expanding into esports as the company also owns the rights to be the official beer of the N.F.L. until 2022, a title that reportedly cost them $1.4 billion. That’s the beauty of this trademark filing, it was easy to do and absurdly cheap. … If they do begin to use the slogan, they can expect pushback from esports loyalists. In general, many fans of esports aren’t as used to brand presence around their favorite game as a traditional sports fan may be. While these audiences are beginning to accept brands more, the intense focus on the space in the past two years has made many people wary of new advertisers.” 

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