Fresh Faces 2021: Olamide Awofeso

The marketing and event strategist has a passion for helping minority-owned small businesses—and founded one of Clubhouse's most popular event-related groups.

BizBash Fresh, Olamide Awofeso
Photo: Courtesy of Olamide Awofeso

Olamide Awofeso is the founder of marketing and event strategy firm E.K.O Consulting and helps plan events for the Blacks in Technology Foundation. She shares marketing, event and lifestyle-focused content on her blog,, and the Clubhouse group she founded—Event Planners & Producers United—currently has more than 13,000 followers. She's based in New York.

How she got her start: "I got my start working for a boutique public relations firm focused on luxe brands and clientele in interior design, architecture and entrepreneurship."

Gap her company fills in the industry: "It serves as a place to help business owners—especially minority small business owners—with curating marketing strategies and events that attract engaging customers and educate communities about various industries."

Biggest lesson from the last year: "Continue to adapt quickly. No one could have predicted a year like 2020 and that virtual events would be leading the charge and happening so frequently."

Career goals: "To help businesses increase their brand recognition, customer engagement and revenue with effective marketing and events."

Advice for her peers: "Decide the best event niche for you early on, continue perfecting your skills daily and read about the events industry often."

Follow her on Instagram at @thisisssola.

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