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Fresh Faces 2023: Jordyn Silver

Silver is an experiential project manager at SHADOW, where she serves as a lead producer for clients like e.l.f. Cosmetics, American Girl, and Sun Bum.

Jordyn Silver Headshot
Photo: Courtesy of Jordyn Silver

Jordyn Silver is an experiential project manager at creative marketing and communications agency SHADOW. She's based in New York. A quote from her nomination: "She sets a high standard for herself and others around her."

How she spends her days: "A big reason why I love this work is because there isn’t a typical day—it’s a super-dynamic role that keeps me engaged and in motion always. 

On event days, I’m on site, overseeing the load-in process and serving as the lead point of contact for all parties. I’m there to ensure clear communication between everyone and make sure everyone knows their respective roles and responsibilities. These days are fast-paced and high-stakes, and I truly live for them. These events usually represent huge budget commitments from clients and tons of hard work from my colleagues on the account teams, so they really need to hit and deliver their intended value. I’m happy to assume that responsibility—I think I thrive in high-pressure environments, and I take a lot of pride in making sure everything runs smoothly. 

On non-event days, things are quieter but no less busy. Here, my focus shifts into planning mode, which can mean anything from developing concept and production briefs to syncing up with vendors, conducting industry research, brainstorming and ideating with different SHADOW teams, or vetting potential venues. These days can feel really exciting too; it’s a great feeling when a client greenlights an event idea, or you visit a new venue that feels fresh and interesting. A lot of relationship- and camaraderie-building happens on the days in between events, and that groundwork pays off tenfold when everyone’s working as a team on the big day."

Impact she hopes to have on the industry: "I’m definitely looking to leave my mark on this industry in both macro and micro ways. Most immediately, I just want to leave a positive and lasting impression on everyone I work with, represent SHADOW well, and keep the vibes high on the projects I’m leading out. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do, and I try to bring that energy to my job too and inspire people to give it their best effort. 

My ultimate goal is to have existing and prospective clients think of me and SHADOW when they want not just event services, but also fresh ideas and insights, and brand guidance. I don’t want to follow a playbook, and I hope to attract brands that are interested in going all in and being experimental. 

Thinking more globally, I am the only woman on our experiential team, and I’m definitely cognizant and proud of that. The event production world is surprisingly male-dominated—I’m always focused on using my voice, sharing my perspective, and demonstrating the value of a woman’s voice in these conversations and moments."

Career goals: "I want my name to be synonymous with quality work, and to develop a reputation as a name-brand talent in my field. My goal is to earn unlimited access—to both venues and experiences—because I’m respected for what I do in this industry. But it’s not just about access for the sake of access; I’m genuinely a student of this game, and I want to see and experience everything that’s designed to make a splash and apply those inspirations to my work.

Live music and entertainment is a big personal passion of mine, and one career-specific goal is to produce a music festival or concert. I’m currently producing a market-style pop-up for our fashion client that involves 25-plus vendors, so I’m getting a taste of what it would mean to work with so many different entities and moving parts. It’s incredibly challenging and energizing. [I] would love to apply these learnings to a music-focused moment. 

A few brands I would love to work with in the future are Louis Vuitton, Jacquemus, and Shake Shack. These are brands with clear visions and vibrant approaches. They’re out to create unforgettable experiences, and that’s a creative space I’d love to play in."

Advice for her peers: "Stay curious and hungry! Don’t operate in a bubble—you really have to keep your eyes and ears open to both the industry and the culture. 

Use your voice and don’t be timid. There are truly no dumb questions in this line of work. You’d be surprised by the seemingly obvious details that can get overlooked—if you see something, say something. You might be catching something critical, and even if you’re not, your voice belongs in the conversation. 

Keep a sense of humor, have fun, and be kind. This industry can sometimes be intimidating, competitive, and self-serious. You’ll stand out from the crowd if you keep a light heart and a positive attitude. Crack a joke! Everyone will be grateful."

How she spends her free time: "To say that I’m more social than the average bear would probably be an understatement. Being out and around people gives me tons of energy and inspiration. I’m always checking out the new hot spots (these days that’s Raf’s, Sartiano's, Loosie's) but I also never betray the classics like BONDST, Sadelle’s, Zero Bond, The Surf Lodge, and Acme. 

I also love to travel and explore new places. Planning is a big part of my job, so whenever I go somewhere new I like to be well informed and make a great itinerary. I’m also a big reader and try to read a new book every week. I find it calming for my brain, which otherwise lives in a perpetual state of multitasking."

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