Today In Events: Roseanne Barr Tapped to Headline Trumpettes Gala at Mar-a-Lago, Governors Ball Changes Attendee Rules For a Smoother Event, Pete Davidson Hits Fans with a $1 Million Non-Disclosure Agreement Before Attending his Show

1. COMEDIAN ROSEANNE BARR TAPPED TO HEADLINE TRUMPETTES GALA AT MAR-A-LAGO: Despite comedian Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet last year that led ABC to cancel the reboot of her Roseanne sitcom, the disgraced entertainer has been tapped to lead the third annual Trumpettes USA Inc. gala. Slated for February 1 at Mar-a-Lago, the event is hosted by female supporters of President Trump and is already sold out. Donald Trump Jr. also is slated to attend. HuffPost: “Trumpettes founder Toni Holt Kramer told The Palm Beach Post she was ‘thrilled’ to have Barr. The Trumpettes are also expecting the president to be at his club that weekend. ‘Roseanne is a really loyal Trump supporter. If there was ever anybody who really put their mouth on the line and said how much she loves the president, she is one of them,’ Holt Kramer said.”

2. GOVERNORS BALL CHANGES ATTENDEE RULES FOR A SMOOTHER EVENT: In the wake of a very chaotic Governors Ball last spring, organizers issued some new policies on Monday designed to reduce the number of teenagers who come to the music event in June 2020. At this year’s iteration of the festival, severe weather prompted a poorly executed evacuation, which reportedly led to a panicked crowd. New York Post: “Hearing from attendees and those who chimed in on Reddit that the event was overrun by teens, the music fest now says that those under 18 need to attend with an adult over 21, and that each adult can only accompany two teenagers max. They’re also promising next year’s event will have more water stations, trash pickup, Wi-Fi, and faster ferry lines.”

3. PETE DAVIDSON HITS FANS WITH A $1 MILLION NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT BEFORE ATTENDING HIS SHOW: Taking an aggressive stand against social media sharing, while potentially giving a message to other talent, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson has been sending ticket holders for recent shows a lengthy non-disclosure agreement, prohibiting the posting of opinions, comments, or the like on Twitter, Facebook, and just about any other platform, with the penalty being a $1 million fine. Davidson’s most recent performance was on Wednesday at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco. Variety: “‘I didn’t want to sign it because it was basically saying that I wasn’t able to comment on it or have an opinion,’ attendee Stacy Young said... 'I understand that comedians are protective of their material. But to not be allowed to express an opinion, whether I liked it or not, is off-putting in an Orwellian thought police way.’”