Today In Events: Banning Drones Part of Super Bowl Security Plan, Book Party Decor Just One Problem for Oprah Book Club’s Latest Pick, How to Make the Case for Gen Z to Attend Professional Events

1. BANNING DRONES PART OF SUPER BOWL SECURITY PLAN: Temporary flight restrictions to keep drones away from Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Beach Convention Center, and Bayfront Park are part of the security plans for Super Bowl LIV. The entire security plan has changed since the last time the region hosted a Super Bowl. Miami Herald: “Crime centers will be set up to help law enforcement agencies work together. Hours for local police have been changed to accommodate demands. Special units like K-9, marine, and even economic crime units searching for counterfeit or gouging operations will be visible, along with motorcycle and mounted patrols. … Authorities say they have adapted their security playbook to a post-9/11 era in which drone attacks, social media propaganda, and lone wolf killers have emerged as potentially greater threats than a foreign terrorist attack.”

2. BOOK PARTY DECOR JUST ONE PROBLEM FOR OPRAH BOOK CLUB’S LATEST PICK: Oprah's recent choice of American Dirt for her book club has prompted discussion about the lack of diversity in the publishing industry. The new novel by Jeanine Cummins tells the tale of a migrant Mexican family’s border crossing and has received growing backlash. Mic: “In a now-deleted tweet, Cummins shared photos from a dinner party celebrating the book’s release. In the photos, floral centerpieces wrapped in barbed wire lined the middle of the table. The flowers and the wire were meant to be in reference to the American Dirt book cover, which is outlined in barbed-wire and covered in those exact flowers. It certainly referenced the cover—though it was also callous. Here is a group of people eating in a private dining room in New York City, communing over the concept of a border wall while as far as you can be from the real border in every sense.”

3. HOW TO MAKE THE CASE FOR GEN Z TO ATTEND PROFESSIONAL EVENTS: Trade shows or conferences may sound boring to younger employees, but programming tied to their interests, educating them about the reasons for attending, and sending multiple people to the same event may help. Inc: “Make sure you clearly articulate why you're sending your employees to these events. Whether the goal is to pick up a new skill, network, or stay up-to-date on the latest issues, they need to know why they're going. One idea is to make sure they internalize the experience. Ask them to give a presentation about their event experience once they return, centered on the skill/connection/industry lesson they picked up.”