Today in Events: Mayor Mike Bloomberg Withers Under Pointed Questioning From his Peers in his First Presidential Debate, New Music Festival Taken to Task for False Appearance Announcements, Homeland Security Just Made the Real ID Application Process More Efficient

1. MAYOR MIKE BLOOMBERG WITHERS UNDER POINTED QUESTIONING FROM HIS PEERS IN HIS FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: The gloves came off at last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, where former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined his competitors for the first time on a debate stage. Bloomberg was no match for his experienced sparring partners, with Senator Elizabeth Warren in particular firing off questions on the mayor’s record, while frontrunner Bernie Sanders attacked Bloomberg’s wealth. The New York Times: “Bloomberg struggled from the start to address his past support for stop-and-frisk policing and the allegations he has faced over the years of crude and disrespectful behavior toward women ... From the first seconds, when Mr. Sanders used the initial question to attack what he called Mr. Bloomberg’s ‘outrageous’ policing record, it was clear that this debate would be far more heated than any of the previous forums.”

2. NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL TAKEN TO TASK FOR FALSE APPEARANCE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wary of fake events like the Fyre Festival, or those that fail to launch, like Woodstock 50, musicians are calling out the organizers of Lovers & Friends for appearance announcements that reportedly aren’t true. Revealed earlier this week, the lineup for the new music festival—which is being organized by Goldenvoice and promoted by Snoop Dog—was slated to include Lil’ Kim, Ludacris, and others. Vanity Fair: “‘This is so fake!' Lil’ Kim said on Instagram. ‘I am not a part of this.’ Eve wrote, ‘Ummm... this is a lie. I’m not on this concert.’...Snoop Dogg personally and publicly addressed Lil’ Kim’s complaint. ‘Lil’ Kim, get at me on the DM so we can get at you about this money,’ he said."

3. HOMELAND SECURITY JUST MADE THE REAL ID APPLICATION PROCESS MORE EFFICIENT: Federal officials have agreed to let states accept documentation for Real ID applications electronically, expediting requests for the enhanced driver’s licenses that, barring passports, will be needed by travelers in order to board domestic flights beginning October 1 of this year. While many people already have braved lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles to secure the identification, two-thirds of Americans still lack a compliant license, according to Chad Wolf, acting secretary, Department of Homeland Security. USA Today: “‘Rest assured, our department will continue to examine other viable options to improve upon this process everything it can to inform Americans on the requirement to obtain a Real ID before the full enforcement deadline later this year,’ Wolf said.”