Today in Events: Sanders and Bloomberg Faced Scrutiny at 10th Democratic Debate, Airports Enlist Technology to Help Them Manage a Surge in Travelers, Billboard Music Awards Taps Kelly Clarkson as Host For Third Straight Year

1. SANDERS AND BLOOMBERG FACED SCRUTINY AT 10TH DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Another Democratic debate is in the books, and for the 10th grudge match, which took place Tuesday in South Carolina, frontrunner Bernie Sanders became the new target of his fellow candidates. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a much better showing at his second time on a debate stage podium, but his wealth, alleged mistreatment of women at his company, and controversial policies while running the Big Apple all came under fire once again. The Daily Beast: “It was clear from the jump that the candidate who hadn’t faced much scrutiny in the nine prior debates was due to receive the frontrunner treatment in Charleston, the last chance for candidates to take on the Vermont senator, who is surging ahead of the South Carolina primary on Saturday. ‘Bernie and I agree on a lot of things. But I think I would make a better president than Bernie,’ Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said.”

2. AIRPORTS ENLIST TECHNOLOGY TO HELP THEM MANAGE A SURGE IN TRAVELERS: Forecasts call for a meteoric rise in airplane passengers over the next 15 years, according to an airline trade association, prompting airports to look for ways to handle more business. Some terminals are expanding but for others, where growth isn’t possible, technology such as artificial intelligence is being deployed for greater efficiency. The New York Times: “Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Miami International Airport are among those using visual sensors to monitor passenger line lengths and how quickly people are moving through security checkpoints. Managers can use the information to adjust where they need more workers and to send passengers to shorter lines. Passengers can see how long their wait will be on signs or on a phone app. The goal is to help reduce travelers’ worries about whether they are going to make their flight.”

3. BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS TAPS KELLY CLARKSON AS HOST FOR THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR: Kelly Clarkson has been tapped to host the Billboard Music Awards for the third straight year. The April 29 ceremony will air live from Las Vegas. Billboard: “‘I’m thrilled to be back with my Billboard family,' Clarkson said Tuesday in a statement. ‘I love being part of an event that celebrates our greatest artists and entertains our fans. This a night of music that you won’t want to miss!’ Clarkson has created signature musical moments in 2018 and 2019, including her unique runs through the year's biggest hits.”