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Magic of Miami: How (and Why) the 305 Is a Hot Spot Host to Big Brands

Missing spring break? See how three distinct event launches—for Nike, Bloom, and Don Julio—bet on social media and sunshine to grow their audiences.

Inside 3 Miami Events from Big Brands
Tequila Don Julio celebrated the release of its Rosado with a midday-to-sunset outdoor jubilee at the Design District’s 33,000-square-foot Jungle Plaza on March 31.
Photo: Courtesy of Tequila Don Julio

MIAMI—Miami is no stranger to large-scale productions, from Art Basel Miami Beach to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, event planners have long used the location's tourist-friendly, warm winter season to showcase clients and brands' biggest initiatives. This year was no different with the spring break-adjacent launches courtesy of three major brands—Bloom Nutrition, Tequila Don Julio, and Nike. 

As you'll read, the fitness, spirit, and sporting apparel brands each tapped into the location's natural offerings to elevate their respective launches and activations. Of course, the South Florida sunshine provided the perfect lighting for branded, Insta-worthy photo ops that only further enhanced each brand's social media prowess. But don't take it from us, check it out for yourself...

Tequila Don Julio
Tequila Don Julio harnessed the power of online film, influencer associations, and celebrity ambassadors to introduce Tequila Don Julio Rosado, a tequila finished in Ruby Port wine casks from Portugal that fittingly flaunts a soft pink hue. The distinct rosy color was the launch campaign’s hallmark—from being layered into the brand's daytime, disco-inspired campaign film to being a color theme that carried into the brand’s official launch event in Miami (another was held in Los Angeles).

“Most people enjoy luxury tequila in the evening,” said Christina Choi, the senior vice president of rum, tequila, and gin at alcohol leader and Don Julio owner Diageo. “With Rosado, we are enticing people to call up their friends to enjoy a luxury tequila drinking experience during the daytime with a delicious Rosado cocktail and a fabulous elevated vibe," Choi added.

And what better place to set this exact scene than Miami? Cue a pink-clad, March 31 affair at the Design District’s 33,000-square-foot Jungle Plaza. Dubbed PTO (as in Party Time Off, a fun play on the standard Paid Time Off), the midday-to-sunset outdoor jubilee was produced by NVE Experience Agency and incorporated glittery, disco elements throughout, notably adorning a social media-friendly photo op with a reflective jaguar statue and lounge seating. Meanwhile, VIP cabana hostesses donned chainmail sequin dresses while delivering signature drinks to celebrity guests. Inside 3 Miami Events from Big BrandsDisco elements were incorporated throughout the event space, and the Miami sunlight made for a fun, glittery-looking photo op among oversized disco balls.Photo: Courtesy of Tequila Don Julio

The drinks of the night? Well, "frozados," spritzes, and negronis, of course, which perfectly suited the soiree with their hues and incorporation of Don Julio Rosado. Cocktail Academy manned the multiple standing bars on-site, where guests could awe over a mirrored tower of the tequila. Meanwhile, UNIQUE Culinary Collective curated a food menu, which leaned into tequila's roots with a taqueria, a Miami-style “ventanita” with Latin-inspired bites, and two nitrogen ice cream bars.

The PTO event also tied in elements from the rollerskating scenes in Tequila Don Julio's commercials with a four-person skate troupe that broke out into performances throughout the afternoon. Additional entertainment included music from DJ Spade, as well as a surprise performance by Anderson .Paak.

Oh, and don't forget the swag. An on-site swag station let attendees select their own Tequila Don Julio Rosado merch, like branded shorts, tees, bags, and flasks.Inside 3 Miami Events from Big BrandsAn array of pink-hued cocktails were on offer at a slew of standalone bars on-site.Photo: Courtesy of Tequila Don JulioInside 3 Miami Events from Big BrandsAnderson .Paak surprised guests with a performance.Photo: Courtesy of Tequila Don Julio

Bloom Nutrition
On March 11, supplement brand and TikTok sensation Bloom Nutrition took over the W South Beach Hotel for a wellness-filled, spring break-inspired “Bloom Takes Miami” lawn party.

“Our goal with the Bloom Miami spring break campaign and the event was to build brand awareness to a new crowd and introduce them to Greens,” said Nareh Vartanian, Bloom’s head of creative marketing. “We paired the event with a field marketing campaign across the city to spread the brand to our community and beyond.” 

Bloom decked out the W South Beach’s private lawn and pool area with bright pinks and saturated greens, dotting the outdoor space with branded floaties, towels, and playful springtime takeaways like disposable cameras and vintage-inspired sunglasses. Bloom’s in-house design team tapped ADC Group to help produce the soiree, and catering courtesy of the venue complemented refreshing coconut water in, of course, branded coconuts, as well as a smoothie bar where guests could sample Bloom's Greens & Superfoods nutritional blend.

To make drinking greens more fun—while going a bit greener too—smoothies were served in reusable Bloom-branded bottles with hot pink (and also branded) crazy straw. Inside 3 Miami Events from Big BrandsTo quench guests' thirst after being out in the Miami sun, Bloom provided refreshing coconut water out of branded coconuts. And in another fun, branded moment, thirsty eventgoers sipped out of crazy straws that read "Bloom."Photo: Courtesy of Bloom

With hot pink towels and green pool chairs lining the outdoor venue space, the brand inspired FOMO with a series of social media posts ahead of opening the event's doors to the public in the afternoon. “One of our missions at Bloom is to ensure wellness is accessible to everyone so everyone can bloom into their best selves,” Nareh added. Thus, "opening the event to our community and the public was one of the ways we did that. Community always comes first for us, so being able to interact with people IRL was our main purpose for having this event in such a vibrant city like Miami.”

Once inside, the space was a fitness fanatic's dream with complimentary IV drips and B12 shots by Reset IV, lymphatic drainage massages by BodyRoll Studio, and permanent jewelry fittings by Link + Lou. Bloom samples and giveaways were also abundant.

Miami's been busy lately. In its third big-brand event in a one-month span, the city was host to yet another launch event on April 1-2, where Nike celebrated the release of its women's campaign, Feel Your All.

The creative campaign reflects Nike’s desire to move away from the athleticism seen in past ads and instead feature diverse women who equally prioritize workouts and well-being, and so a two-day event loaded with movement-focused programming was the perfect celebration. 

The Feel Your All bash kicked off at Mimi Yoga in Wynwood where guests embraced their inner yogi alongside studio owner Miriam "Mimi" Ghandour and popular pilates instructor Starr Hawkins, who goes by @babymommafit on social media. 

“I consider myself an athlete, but as I get older and more into functional, low-impact sports, it’s less about the sport and more about the feeling,” Hawkins said in an echo of the Nike campaign's sentiment. “I do yoga because I feel good, or I play tennis because my tennis group is a way to socialize and be active.”

By the second day of the event, attendees found themselves breaking a sweat in a HIIT-style class at Aventura Mall’s Level Three event space. The class was led by Nike trainers Alex Piccirilli and Rebeckah Price, and the all-white room was jazzed up with standing LED lights and branded decals that made for a sleek look.

Each guest also received a complimentary pair of Nike leggings upon their registration at the event, and were encouraged to wear them at their respective workout class.Inside 3 Miami Events from Big BrandsNike celebrated the release of its Feel Your All campaign, fittingly, with event programming that included workout classes—where guests were encouraged to wear the leggings they were gifted upon registration for the event.Photo: Courtesy of Liana Lozada

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