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Industry Innovators 2023: 11 Caterers and F&B Profs Bringing New Levels of Creativity to the Table

From creativity-filled chefs to advocacy-driven executives to forward-thinking founders, these food and beverage experts are using innovation to elevate the eventgoer experience.

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"Food and beverage are the heart of the shared experience, and there’s no better way to foster connection than through a great dining experience," says Dana Pellicano, president of Patina Restaurant Group and one of our 2023 Industry Innovators.

It's a sentiment shared by everyone we featured in this story, who spoke passionately about using innovative thinking to elevate events of all types. These chefs, executives, and company founders are tirelessly advocating for the multi-faceted F&B industry, searching for new flavors and presentations, and bringing eventgoers experiences they've never seen before.

Click through the profiles below to learn what drew them to the food industry, how they define "innovation," their all-time favorite foods (some of them may surprise you!), and much more.

Adam Noyes
CEO, Proof of the Pudding

Amy Brown & Heidi Andermack
Co-Founders, Chowgirls Catering

Cade & Ingrid Nagy
Owners, Catering by Design

Dana Pellicano
President, Patina Restaurant Group

Kabrel Geller
Founder, This Messy Table

Manal Kahi
Founder & CEO, Eat Offbeat

Mary Giuliani
Founder & CEO, Mary Giuliani Catering & Events

Matthew Landes
Founder & Creative Director, Cocktail Academy

Ron Ben-Israel
Chef & Owner, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

About the list: Our Industry Innovators features are compiled by our editorial team using a variety of resources. The idea is to go beyond the biggest names in the biz—though it has plenty of those too—and dig deep into the industry professionals who are using truly innovative thinking to push the boundaries of live experiences.

If someone has previously been named a BizBash Innovator, they are not eligible for the list. Check out our full Industry Innovators Hall of Fame here!