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Industry Innovators 2024: 10 Tech Experts Who Are Redefining the Event Experience

Explore how these tech trailblazers are helping craft unforgettable experiences and revolutionizing the event industry with their innovative tools and technologies.

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"I truly believe if we are not innovating, we are not growing," says Alexa Berube, co-founder of Reposite and one of our 2024 Industry Innovators. The other nine visionary leaders on our list share Berube's sentiment, leaning into innovative event technology to set new standards for engagement and efficiency. Whether it's finding new solutions for event scheduling, vendor payments, and sourcing talent, or using AI to create more sustainable events and travel programs, these pioneers are not just keeping pace with change—they are driving it. 

Click through the profiles below to learn how they each got their start in the tech industry, the event tech advancements they're most excited about, what the concept of "innovation" means to them, and much more. 

Alexa Berube
Co-Founder, Reposite

Andrew Citores
Co-Founder & CEO, Jampack

Elizabeth Sheils
Co-Founder & CEO, Rock Paper Coin

Frederik Steensgaard
Co-Founder & CEO, BeCause

Jon Shedler
Partner & Senior Technical Producer, Charles River Media

Marvin McTaw
Co-Founder & CEO, Sched

Michele Dobnikar
President, GlobalMeet

Tess Vismale
Founder & CEO, iSocialExecution Inc.

TJ Hucka
Senior Technology Director, MAS

Tracy Judge
Founder & CEO, Soundings

About the list: Our Industry Innovators features are compiled by our editorial team using a variety of resources. (While our features may be sponsored by standout companies, to ensure our lists remain impartial, sponsors do not have the ability to review or curate any part themselves.) The idea is to go beyond the biggest names in the biz—though it has plenty of those too—and dig deep into the industry professionals who are using truly innovative thinking to push the boundaries of live experiences. 

If someone has previously been named a BizBash Innovator, they are not eligible for the list. Check out our full Industry Innovators Hall of Fame here!

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