Today In Events: ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Game Of Thrones’ Take Home Top Prizes at Emmys, U.N. General Assembly Kicks Off in New York, Small Turnout and No Aliens at Area 51 Events

1. 'FLEABAG' AND 'GAME OF THRONES' TAKE HOME TOP PRIZES AT EMMYS: Last night, Amazon Prime and HBO were the big winners at the 71st Emmy Awards, held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and broadcast on Fox. The hostless ceremony began with Homer Simpson serving as “host” before an animated piano fell from above and crushed him. D'oh! In addition to the awards, the Television Academy also said good-bye to Game of Thrones and Veep, both of which completed their final seasons this year, with on-stage tributes featuring the casts. Los Angeles Times: "The comedy series Emmy capped off what amounted to a three-hour Fleabag lovefest. The series picked up six Emmys in total this year, including wins on Sunday for directing and writing for a comedy series. Star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge also won lead actress in a comedy series, scoring a stunning upset victory over Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who had been favored to win for the final season of Veep."

2. U.N. GENERAL ASSEMBLY KICKS OFF IN NEW YORK: The annual United Nations General Assembly starts Monday with a special Climate Action summit before the formal speeches given by heads of state and governments begin on Tuesday. Nearly 200 leaders will come together over the course of five days. Hot topics will include trade wars, migration, energy supplies, climate change, and poverty. Some leaders will not be in attendance including Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu. CNN: “Breaking with tradition, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has told country leaders not to come to the podium Monday without ‘concrete and transformative plans’ to halt rising global temperatures, achieve carbon neutrality, and cut carbon emissions by 45 percent. V.I.P.s with proposals have been told they have just three minutes to speak. How concrete the results of the summit will actually be is unclear. The UN doesn't have a global climate army to roam the planet stopping pollution, so it's up to the 193 nations of the UN to take action. What the UN will actually do is what some feel the organization sadly does best: collecting the speeches and other environmental brainstorms in a report.”

3. SMALL TURNOUT, NO ALIENS AT AREA 51 EVENTS: An estimated 3,000 campers and festivalgoers made the trip to Rachel, Nevada, for this weekend’s “Alienstock” festival. Other related events, such as “Area 51 Basecamp,” at the Alien Research Center souvenir shop in Hiko drew smaller crowds. While no one actually “stormed” Area 51, the formerly top-secret U.S. military base, some folks were arrested for trespassing. Associated Press: “‘It seems like a lot of good people chilling and having a good time,’ observed Dave Wells, a 56-year-old stonemason and festivals-seeker from Cincinnati wearing a day-glow green festival T-Shirt and taking in the scene Saturday in Rachel. Did anyone find actual extraterrestrials or UFOs? (As if anyone could really tell among the masked and costumed beings posing for photos and cavorting in the desert.) ‘We didn’t,’ said Little A’Le’Inn owner-turned-’Alienstock’ festival host Connie West, proprietor of the 10-room motel and café that became the center of the extraterrestrial-seeking universe. ‘But we found peace. And friendship,’ she said Sunday as campers packed up to leave and volunteers began cleaning up.”