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See How This New Technology Can Streamline Health Screenings at Live Events

As live events make their comeback this year, CLEAR's new Health Pass technology can help event organizers determine which guests are in the clear (pun intended) to attend in person.

Health Pass, CLEAR, COVID-19 screening technology
Health Pass—a new mobile health screening technology from touchless identification company CLEAR—allows event attendees to upload all lab results, vaccination records and more to the app for streamlined screenings at live events and beyond.
Photo: Courtesy of CLEAR

While everyone—especially event professionals—is eager to get back to experiencing in-person events, the industry still has mountains of event safety measures to climb and perfect before exhibit halls can be filled once again with attendees, vendors and more. A new-to-market technology making that mountain look like a far more optimistic molehill? Health Pass from touchless identification platform CLEAR

Like a passport or driver's license but for your health, the technology is easily accessed via CLEAR's mobile app. Thanks to the software's ability to integrate lab results from COVID-19 testings at over 30,000 labs, link to your personal healthcare account in order to confirm your COVID-19 vaccine records, and offer a real-time health survey to screen for possible COVID-19 symptoms to determine if a guest may be at risk, attendees and hosts can feel more comfortable gathering—especially since Health Pass profiles can be connected to CLEAR's touchless temperature check kiosks at live events as an add-on to enhance event safety and streamline health screening operations. (See a quick video recap of how the tech works here.) Health Pass, CLEAR, COVID-19 screening technologyHealth Pass is easily accessed through CLEAR's mobile app.Photo: Courtesy of CLEAR

To dive a little deeper, BizBash sat down with New York-based Laura Brounstein, head of content and storytelling at CLEAR—not to mention a veteran of CondĂ© Nast and Hearst, where she produced events of all sizes for Cosmopolitan magazine and the like. Here, Brounstein talks about how the technology came to fruition, how it can help bring back live events safely and more.

So how did Health Pass come to be?
CLEAR was created as a response to the security risks and needs after 9/11, when conventional wisdom was saying, 'You can either have things be safer or they can be easier, but it’s hard to do both.' CLEAR challenged that by introducing biometric identification to the airport security process. And we’ve gotten better and better at finding ways to make getting to your flight as easy and frictionless as possible while keeping you and your information safe. When the world shut down this spring, CLEAR saw there was going to be a new need for a way to get people back to who and what they love safely and easily. And that’s why we developed Health Pass. It works on the CLEAR platform and gives spaces the ability to create safer environments with customizable requirements for entry. The current Health Pass makes it easy to verify temperature checks, test results, health surveys and vaccination information as well. It’s an opt-in platform that will let you verify you are you and get you going!

Is the technology specific to a location or region, or can event organizers and venue owners utilize it anywhere?
Health Pass can be implemented anywhere! We are so proud to have developed a solution that is flexible, customizable and simple for members. All event planners need to do, for instance, is determine what safety protocols make sense for their venue based on government guidance (i.e. health survey, lab/vaccination linkage and temp check) and how those components will be operationalized (lab/vaccination recency, location and quantities of temp check devices, etcetera). Once those protocols are defined, CLEAR takes care of the rest and supports event producers in operationalizing the solution so it’s simple and intuitive for attendees. We just launched a six-week pilot program with the state of Hawaii to enhance the screening process for passengers flying from Los Angeles International Airport to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu.

Health Pass, CLEAR, COVID-19 screening technologyHealth Pass profiles can be configured with CLEAR's touchless temperature check technology via an easy-to-use QR code.Photo: Courtesy of CLEAR

Word on the street is CLEAR partnered with MGM Resorts International to use Health Pass as part of the brand's meeting and event programs.
People are so ready to connect again, and go to sporting events and concerts and conventions! We were thrilled to work with MGM to help them secure their meetings and conventions in their Las Vegas spaces. They have a really comprehensive, multistep plan that we support with Health Pass, where attendees can verify test results, take their temperatures and answer a health questionnaire via our app and on-site kiosks. It’s touchless, it’s opt-in and it’s working!

How can products like Health Pass contribute to the comeback of live events?
Anyone who knows me knows that I love a conference. I was so sad when SXSW was canceled last spring, even though I knew it was the right call for everyone’s safety. I want to plan some great events for CLEAR and attend others on behalf of our brand. But I’m not about taking risks. CLEAR helps producers get their events back up and running and make them not only safer but even more convenient and hassle-free for guests. We are already working with everyone from the NBA's Orlando Magic to the NFL to provide Health Pass solutions to get players, employees and fans safely back in the game. We also helped keep all the players and personnel in the NHL bubble safe. 

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