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Fresh Faces 2022: Sherri Kriegel

Kriegel is the strategic events coordinator at the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Sherri Kriegel Copy
Photo: Holly Rushton

Sherri Kriegel, 27, is the strategic events coordinator at the United Nations Global Compact, based in New York, where she oversees event logistics for high-level global conferences and helped lead the organization's adoption of virtual events.

How she spends her days: "I manage production and logistics for flagship events at the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. Our events focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the work that is being done in the private sector to advance those goals. Currently, I am working on all things virtual events including industry research on the newest platforms, preproduction editing, and then live event production and streaming as well as technical guidance and support.

My introduction to the event industry was through involvement in campus organizations at Quinnipiac University, where I held leadership positions. I had the opportunity to plan fundraisers and dinners and support conferences on campus. After I graduated, I joined an experiential events agency and worked on large-scale fundraising walks and events. I decided to change paths shortly afterwards and focus on corporate events, which lead me into the world of virtual and hybrid events. Due to this experience, I soon became an expert on virtual events, where I am now."

Biggest takeaway from the past two years: "We must always be prepared for the unexpected as event professionals. As a result of the current pandemic, I have learned that tough times can provide opportunities to innovate and grow as planners and also an existing event series. 

Personally, the pandemic has taught me to be a lot more flexible in my planning process and try to streamline processes as much as possible. Also, to always have a backup plan—because there will be times where an event or session needs to pivot at short notice, and you must be ready for when that happens."

Career goals: "My goal is to become a thought leader in corporate events, especially those taking place in a virtual and hybrid setting. It is my goal to show companies how incorporating virtual elements in events can promote innovation and inclusivity, and in result make events more sustainable."

Advice for her peers: "Being able to maintain your composure during stressful events is an invaluable skill. When you remain calm, others will do the same and make the event run smoother. 

Take advantage of any opportunity you have to gain experience, whether you're volunteering for an event or attending an event to gather fresh ideas. Always be learning, and look for innovation wherever you can. Connect with professionals on LinkedIn! You never know who you will connect with and what you can learn from them."

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