Today In Events: Time Expands Live Events Business with ‘Time 100’ Extensions, the Washington Monument Reopens After Three-Year Renovation, How Brands Are Cashing In on Area 51 Event

1. 'TIME' EXPANDS LIVE EVENTS BUSINESS WITH ‘TIME 100’ EXTENSIONSTime will host two new events in New York this fall, the Time 100 Health Summit on October 17 at Pier 17 and the Time 100 Next Summit on November 14. The publisher will also release its first-annual Time 100 Next list, which will highlight 100 individuals who are shaping the future of their fields. Confirmed speakers for the health summit include Al Gore, physician Dr. Leana Wen, and advocate Selma Blair. Time: “‘The phenomenal success of our April Summit [the first-ever Time 100 Summit] reinforced our belief that expanding the reach and impact of the Time 100 is one of our new company’s biggest opportunities,’ said Time editor in chief and C.E.O. Edward Felsenthal. ‘Time through the Time 100 has a unique ability to convene the world’s most influential people across disciplines toward collaboration and action,’ Felsenthal added.”

2. THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT REOPENS AFTER THREE-YEAR RENOVATION: On Thursday, the Washington Monument reopened to the public after more than three years of construction. The monument closed in 2016, partly so that an enhanced security screening facility could be built—a new blast-proof building made of glass and steel where visitors will be screened, similar to an airport process. The landmark also features an updated elevator system. Visitors can get same-day tickets from the Washington Monument Lodge, directly in front of the monument. NPR: “‘There's no way that a coordinated effort could be made by a group of terrorists to come into the monument,’ said Sean Kennealy, chief of the professional services division for the Park Service's National Mall and Memorial Parks. ‘Through those [observation deck] windows, you have a huge vantage point to do harm.’ Kennealy expects the new screening process to take longer than it did before. The Park Service will offer only same-day tickets for the first month of operation to gauge how many visitors it can realistically serve each day. After that, tickets will be offered online.”

3. HOW BRANDS ARE CASHING IN ON AREA 51 EVENT: This weekend’s proposed raid of Area 51, which has now turned into the Alienstock Festival, taking place September 19-22 in Rachel, Nevada, has inspired big-name brands such as Bud Light and Arby’s to get in on the alien action. Bud Light even hosted an event of its own last night, the Area 51 Celebration music festival at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. CNN: “One look at the Bud Light Twitter page shows how dedicated the brand is with its feed saturated with Area 51-themed posts. Bud Light first threw its hat in the ring when it asked followers on Twitter to retweet its post about releasing limited-edition alien cans of Bud Light. That tweet currently has more than 62,000 likes and 40,000 retweets (they set a goal of 51,000 retweets), but Bud Light released the cans to fans anyway in Nevada, Arizona, and California on September 13. That's not all, though. Bud Light has an online shop where you can buy shirts, hats, a flag, and even socks. The shop's most expensive item is a $100 bomber jacket that is sold out.”