Continuing the Conversation: Black Voices in Live Experiences

On Monday, BizBash hosted a candid discussion on the importance of racial diversity in the event and meeting industries. In case you missed it—or want to tune in again!—here's what happened.

2020 Black Voices Webinar Edit Story

Host: Morgan Gayles
Guests: Eris T. Sims, NAACP; Jason Dunn Sr., National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals; Todd Hawkins, The Todd Group; Yvonne McNair, Captivate Marketing Group

On June 22, Morgan Gayles, manager of audience development for BizBash, hosted a virtual discussion with Eris T. Sims, chief of staff for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Jason Dunn Sr., chairman of the National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals; Todd Hawkins, president of The Todd Group; and Yvonne McNair, chief experience officer at Captivate Marketing Group. The group had a candid conversation about Black voices in live experiences, sharing the importance of diversity in all aspects of events, how our industry gets it wrong and where we go from here, the difference between diversity and equity, actionable steps for creating a more inclusive event community, and much more.

Running time: 1:16:41

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