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5 Canadian Event Profs Share Their Favorite Vendors for Catering, Rentals, Staffing, and More

These event profs spotlight their go-to partners.

Last year, to promote its new line of teas, Tetley tapped FUSE Create to transform a corner of a busy Toronto shopping mall into a fun reprieve. The experiential agency worked with Queue Media (one of its go-to partners) on marketing and signage. See more: This Whimsical Pop-Up Brought Tea Time to Toronto
Last year, to promote its new line of teas, Tetley tapped FUSE Create to transform a corner of a busy Toronto shopping mall into a fun reprieve. The experiential agency worked with Queue Media (one of its go-to partners) on marketing and signage. See more: This Whimsical Pop-Up Brought Tea Time to Toronto
Photo: Drew Lindsey/FUSE Create

Looking for a new catering partner or a live music act to get a crowd on its feet? Look no further. Here, we asked event industry professionals in Canada to share their go-to collaborators for events of all types. (Read our U.S. version of "My Favorite Vendors" here.)

Luke Nicol and Jack EvansLuke Nicol and Jack EvansLuke Nicol and Jack EvansPhoto: Courtesy of FUSE Create

Nicol and Evans are on the experiential production team at FUSE Create, a Toronto-based agency that’s renowned for partnering with the likes of Spotify, Hilton and Jose Cuervo to bring creative ideas to life.

Fabrication: Experience management is all about creating something that captivates audiences and holds their attention. Nobody else checks the boxes like Exhibit Studio based out of Calgary, Alberta. Exhibit has been a trusted vendor of ours for years, working on large-scale activations down to creating small-scale works of art. It’s their team that makes the difference—always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the event is a success.

Photo Booth: Four years ago, we purchased the “Infinite” photo booth from LA Photo Party, and since then it’s been touring nationwide. The full-service setup and premium road cases allow for easy assembly at all events no matter the location. With intuitive software and simple-to-follow user interface, we can train staff online; upload our event files remotely; and for any issues, we can remotely take over the desktop from anywhere.

Signage: With 30-plus years in the industry working on countless activations, Queue Media has knowledge that we continuously learn from. It means you can work with them as a true partner to come up with unique solutions to bring creative ideas to life. 

Alicia JenelleAlicia JenellePhoto: Courtesy of The Jenelle GroupAlicia Jenelle

Jenelle is the event prof behind The Jenelle Group, the experiential events company that’s based in Toronto, but executes around the world, including a pop-up for Visit California, a data summit in Boston, and even a pasta-making team-building activity in Rome.

Catering: The experience of working alongside Food Dudes has been truly enjoyable, encompassing not only our professional collaboration but also their exceptional catering services at my wedding. Their commitment to delivering outstanding culinary experiences shines through in their ability to seamlessly tailor offerings to diverse visions and cultural preferences. From innovative menu options to the quality of ingredients and presentation, they consistently exceed expectations.

Staff: Nulink Events, our long-standing partners in crime, have seamlessly integrated into our team, enhancing our capabilities and becoming an invaluable extension of our workforce over the years. Nulink's expertise in people leadership has played a pivotal role in delivering top-notch experiences for our clients. Their collaborative approach and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our values, making them an essential element in our event production process.

Rentals: Detailz Couture Event Rentals has consistently provided the latest and most stylish furniture pieces for our events. Their collaborative approach extends beyond merely fulfilling requests, as they actively provide suggestions based on our event mood boards. Detailz not only meets but exceeds our expectations with their support and flexibility.

Virginie De Visscher

De Visscher is the executive director of business events at Destination Canada, where she’s worked for the past six-plus years. The government agency provides resources to help the Canadian tourism industry reach domestic and international markets.

Event Management: As an organization, sustainability is a priority for Destination Canada, and that’s why ParlĂ©view is one of our favorite vendors. ParlĂ©view supported us in the planning and execution of our organization’s first sustainable, carbon-neutral event. To do this, they assisted in research on the most up-to-date best practices in sustainability and worked in tandem with us to plan—from sourcing vendors that implement the right practices to calculating our emissions footprint and incorporating offset projects, to co-developing a communications strategy to spread awareness around sustainability.

Transportation: We must take into consideration all levels of sustainable offerings, including transportation. Evolve Limousine is a 100% green service, meaning all their vehicles are fully electric with no emissions—without sacrificing on style and comfort. With its fleet of vehicles—including Tesla, Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar—Evolve Limousine cuts carbon emissions for every ride down to zero, or near it. We also appreciate that the company is working to benefit the environment through reforestation. For every ride taken with Evolve, the company plants a tree on the client’s behalf. To date, nearly 6,000 trees have been planted across North America.

Venue: Speaking of sustainability, Borealis Grille & Bar is a perfect partner for showing how to decrease food waste and carbon emissions from shipping products from around the world. Destination Canada admires that over 80% of the food and beverages served at Borealis Grille & Bar are sourced from local suppliers, which allows for higher-quality food, supports the local economy, and reduces the environmental impact with reduced transportation.

Treasa Leigh BrownTreasa Leigh BrownTreasa Leigh BrownPhoto: Courtesy of Leigh Event Group

Leigh Brown is the founder and creative director of Leigh Event Group, an event production company out of Toronto that produces high-end corporate to-dos and luxury weddings and birthday parties.

Graphics: Our company continues to use So Pretty in Print for our graphic and signage needs for the events we produce because they consistently deliver high-quality results. We firmly believe in never compromising on quality, and working with So Pretty in Print allows us to maintain that standard. One of the standout features is their onboarding process, which ensures that our client brand colors and fonts are utilized consistently throughout all graphic design and signage materials. While this may be an overlooked category for many events, we understand that it is the foundational piece for our event planning.

Photography: Our company continues to collaborate with Samantha Clarke Photography, which has been a trusted partner for us over the last decade. As a photography team, they understand the importance of representing our clients in the best possible light. Additionally, Samantha Clarke Photography has proved their ability to handle last-minute requests with ease. When we required a photographer for a fashion show on short notice, they were able to jump in and exceed everyone’s expectations. This level of flexibility and reliability is invaluable to us.

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