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New Poll: What Do You Think of Social Secretary Desirée Rogers's Resignation?

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Last Friday, news broke that White House social secretary Desirée Rogers would step down after little more than a year on the job. Though she has planned more than 330 events for the Obama administration, she is probably been best known for her public persona and November's state dinner party crashing scandal. Democratic fund-raiser Julianna Smoot will take over her position this month. Do you think stepping down was the right thing for Rogers to do? Voice your opinion in this week's poll, in the right column of the home page.

As for last week's results: When we asked readers what they thought of the growing trend of marketers piggybacking their own promotions and events onto trade shows, without paying to exhibit themselves, they were almost split down the middle. By a mere 6 percent margin, more participants thought that it was an unfair practice. Meanwhile, on the BizBash Facebook page (you're a fan, right?), the question drew some strong opinions. Said one commenter: "It is totally unfair and anyone caught should be booted from the floor—pronto!"

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