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From the Desk of David Adler: Unlocking the Power of Perennials in the Event Industry

Here's why this cross-generational group has the power to redefine not just how we see people, but how we design and execute events.

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Have you ever thought about what binds us all together beyond the labels of baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, or Gen Z? Meet the "perennials," a term that has the power to redefine not just how we see people, but how we design and execute events.

What are perennials?

Coined by Gina Pell in 2016, the term "perennials" refers to a cross-generational group of people who defy age-based categorization. Instead, they share a mindset that's characterized by curiosity, adaptability, and an unwavering zeal for life. Think of them as the human equivalent of perennial plants—always in bloom, vital, and remarkably adaptable. They're a fluid, ever-growing community not defined by birth year but by shared values and interests.

Why should the event industry care?

OK, we get it. In an industry that's so often about targeting and segmentation, why should we bother with a concept that actively fights against categorization? The answer is simple: relevance and connection.

Perennials are your dream attendees. They're excited, engaged, and ever curious. They network naturally, and their cross-generational fluidity makes them the perfect catalysts for richer, more meaningful discussions and interactions. Imagine an event that thrives on this level of dynamic engagement—where the boundaries between age, roles, and sectors blur to create a melting pot of ideas and experiences. That's the perennial-powered event we're advocating for.

How can we tap into this gold mine?

As leaders in the event industry and founders of BizBash, we're doubling down on the perennial concept. Here's how:

  • Holistic networking: Goodbye, age-specific happy hours. Hello, cross-generational mentorship and masterminds!
  • Content reimagined: Let’s move past the one-size-fits-all approach. Our events will feature topics that resonate across ages, from tech trends to sustainability.
  • Innovation stations: Interactive booths and workshops that are not just tech showcases but cross-generational learning experiences.
  • Dynamic storytelling: Keynotes will be more like fireside chats, inviting participation from the audience and turning monologues into dialogues.

The future is perennial

It's time to shed the age-old tactics and embrace a mindset that has the potential to revitalize our industry. Perennials offer us a road map to creating events that are not just events but life-changing experiences. As pioneers in the event planning world, we believe it's our responsibility to lead the way.

So, are you ready to join the perennial revolution? Because we can't wait to see you there!

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