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The BizBash Top 1000 People in the U.S. Event Industry

Chosen for their work on corporate events, associations, trade shows, event strategy, and more, these people represent the best of the meeting and event industry in the U.S.

Bizbash Top 1000v2
Graphic: Carolyn Bouchard for BizBash

Introducing the BizBash 1,000, the people with the biggest impact on meetings and events across the United States. Last year, it was difficult to keep ourselves to just 500 people in our first edition of the list. So we decided to double the amount of people to celebrate. These individuals plan everything from galas for national art museums to massive trade shows, pop culture conventions, and festivals. They also produce and design Instagram-worthy events for big brands, live music productions, and sporting events, as well as multimillion-dollar weddings. Some of them offer innovative (and mouthwatering) food and beverage ideas, while others provide education programs and strategy tips that benefit everyone in the industry. It was our mission to celebrate the best of the best in a diverse and growing industry, while offering a compilation of people to connect with for ideas, inspiration, or guidance for your future events.

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Audiovisual & Lighting Design
Conference Planners & Producers
Corporate Producers & Strategists
Destination Management Companies
Destination Marketing Organizations
Entertainment & Music
Event Designers & Producers
Event Education
Event Industry Leadership
Event Management
Event Technology
Festivals & Fairs
Planners—Art & Cultural Organizations
Public Relations
Sports & Arenas
Strategy & Leadership
Sustainability & Social Responsibility
Trade Show Management


Chiara Adin, NA Collective, Co-Founder, New York
Marcie Allen, MAC Presents, President, New York
Emily Anderson Greene, Viva Creative, Founder & Chief Creative, Washington
Lauren Austin, MKG, Executive Creative Director, Experiential Marketing, New York
Rob Badgley, the Visionary Group, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Keith Baptista, Prodject, Managing Partner, New York
Andy Bateman, Sid Lee, U.S. C.E.O., Los Angeles
Jack Bedwani, The Projects, Founding Partner & Global Business Director, Los Angeles
H. Tony Berger, Relevent, Owner, New York
Charles N. Besser, Intersport, Chairman & C.E.O., Chicago
Mark Billik, BeCore, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Michael Blatter, Mirrorball, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Jeff Boedges, SoHo Experiential, Owner, New York
Erica Boeke, Liberty & Company, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Justin Bolognino,, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Ron Bracco, Hargrove, V.P., Events, Washington
Tristan Brennan, TH Productions, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Cindy Brewer, LEO Events, Principal, Memphis
Henry Cardenas, Cardenas Marketing Network, Owner, Chicago
Chris Cavanaugh, Freeman Company, Executive Vice President & C.M.O., New York
Cheryl Cecchetto, Sequoia Productions, Founder & President, Los Angeles
Isabel Chattas, Siinc Agency, Co-Founder & C.O.O., Miami
Courtney Cisek Fargnoli, Brodey Francis, Principal & Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Ray Clark, the Marketing Arm, Founder & C.E.O., Dallas
Ryan Coan, Creative Riff, Founder, Head of Business Development & Creative, New York
David Cohn, Civic Entertainment Group, Founder & Co-C.E.O., New York
Josh Collins, Streetsense, Director, Destination Activations & Marketing, Nashville
Gloria Connors, Connors & Co., President & C.E.O., Seattle
Jeff Consoletti, JJLA, Founder & Principal, Los Angeles
Anthony Coppers, Gradient Experiential, Founder & Head of Innovation, New York
Christine Courtney, C3 Agency, C.E.O., Atlanta
Kirsten Craig, Activate Inc., Founder & C.E.O., Detroit
Scott Cullather, Invnt, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Coltrane Curtis, Team Epiphany, Managing Partner, New York
Stephen Dahlem, Corporate Magic, Senior Creative Director, Dallas
Bill Decker, Fusion Marketing, C.E.O., St. Louis
Laurie DeJong, LDJ Productions, C.E.O., New York
Steve Dixon, Roadwerx, C.E.O., New York
Bojana Djogo, Droga5, Executive Producer, Experiential, New York
Rob Dondero, R&R Partners, Executive Vice President, Las Vegas
Chris Drury, Drury Design, President & Chief Creative Officer, New York
Jill Taub Drury, Drury Design, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Gregg Eilers, Switch, V.P., Meetings & Events, St. Louis
Shelley Elkins, Jack Morton, Chief Creative Officer, Chicago
Tomos Evans, We Are Swell, Co-Founder, New York
Rick Farman, Superfly, Co-Founder, San Francisco
Brian Feit, BMF Media, Founding Partner, New York
Michael Fernandez, Factory 360, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Danny Firpo, All of it Now, Co-Founder & C.E.O., San Francisco
Randall C. Fisher, Cream, President & Founder, Miami
Aaron Gaeir, Grandesign, C.E.O., San Diego
Ron Gasparotto, EWI Worldwide, President, Detroit
Cheryl Gentry, Glow Global Events, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Freddie Georges, Freddie Georges Production Group, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Matthew Gidley, Momentum Worldwide, Senior Vice President, Chicago
Matthew Glass, Allied Experiential, Senior Vice President, New York
Brian Gordon, Engine Shop, C.E.O., New York
Alexis Gorriaran, Addventures, Senior Director, Marketing & Multicultural, Providence, Rhode Island
Jeff Grisamore, EGR International and BlackLab Media, President & C.E.O., New York
Stacey Gurney, Strategic Group, S.V.P., Experiential, New York
Trevor Guthrie, Giant Spoon, Co-Founder, New York
Tom Haidinger, Advantage, President, Stamford, Connecticut
Chris Handy, Engine Shop, President, New York
Jason Harris, Mekanism, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Bo Heiner, Octagon, Senior Vice President, Atlanta
Dan Hilbert, GES - Global Experience Specialists, S.V.P., GES Events, Dallas
Rick Hilmer, Grandesign, President, Orlando
Ryan Ho, Crony Creative, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, New York
Lacey Hoff, Crush Studio, Owner & Creative Director, Denver
Josh Horowitz, Fake Love, C.E.O., New York
Charley Horsey, MKTG, C.E.O., New York
Jay Howard, CSM Production, Founder & President, Harrisburg, North Carolina
Fredda Hurwitz, RedPeg Marketing, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Washington
Brett Hyman, NVE Experience Agency, President & Founder, Los Angeles
Bryan Icenhower, IMG Live, President, Atlanta
John Ierardi, Event Energizers, Creative Director, President & Founder, New York
Jan Jacobs, Johannes Leonardo, Co-Founder, New York
Miatta David Johnson, MVD, Founder, Los Angeles
Erich Joiner, Tool of North America, President, Los Angeles
Debbie Kaplan, Geometry, E.V.P., Experiential Marketing, New York
Erik Karasyk, Hush, Founding Partner, New York
Adrienne Katz, BBDO Worldwide, Executive Producer, Experiential, New York
Martin Kistler, Ignition Creative, C.E.O. & Chief Creative Officer, Los Angeles
Cara Kleinhaut, Agenc, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Chris Kramer, Metropolex, Partner & Chief Production Officer, San Francisco
Kurt Kujovich, Set Creative, Interim C.E.O., Portland, Oregon
Jennifer Kurland, Production Glue, President & Principal, New York
Christian Lachel, BRC Imagination Arts, Executive Creative Director & Vice President, Los Angeles
Colette LaForce, Legacy Marketing, C.E.O., Chicago
Anthony Larrisey, Industria Creative, Principal & Creative Director, New York
Justin Lefkovitch, Mirrored Media, C.E.O., Los Angeles
John Legittino, Advoc8, C.E.O. & Co-Founder, Washington
Dan Mannix, CSM North America, President & C.E.O., New York
TJ Martin, Cramer, Partner & Managing Director, Boston
Gabrielle Martinez, Agency EA, Founder & Managing Partner, Chicago
Aaron Mason, NA Collective, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Lacy Maxwell, Lacy Maxwell Experiential, C.E.O., San Francisco
Jonathan Mayers, Superfly, Co-Founder, New York
Richard McAdam, MC2, President, New York
Kristina McCoobery, Invnt, Co-Founder & C.O.O., New York
Richard McDonald, Epsilon, President, Chicago
Mark Meyerhoff, We Are Swell, Co-Owner, New York
Scott Miles, Mosaic, E.V.P., Strategy & Ideation, Chicago
JB Miller, Empire Entertainment, President & C.E.O., New York
Jason Mitchell, Movement Strategy, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Jarrod Moses, United Entertainment Group, Founder, C.E.O. & President, New York
Brian Mullin, Manifold, Founding Partner & Executive Creative Director, San Francisco
Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture, Co-Founder, New York
Ben Nazario, MC2 Experience, Division President, New York
Lee Newman, MullenLowe, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Diane Nicoletti, Rubik Marketing, Founder & C.O.O., New York
Leo Nitzberg, BWG, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Sandra Novas, Siinc Agency, Co-Founder & C.C.O., Miami
Jason Norcross, 72andSunny, Creative Director, Los Angeles
Patricia Padilla, 196, Founder, San Francisco
Michael Perez, Corso Agency, Director, San Francisco
Mark Poncher, Empire Entertainment, C.O.O., New York
Robin Potash, BCXP, Managing Director, New York
Sarah Priestman, Sense Marketing, President, New York
Gary Radin, GMRdesign, Owner & Principal Designer, Philadelphia
Jessica Reznick, We’re Magnetic, President, New York
David Rich, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, S.V.P., Client Services, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Erin Riley, TBWA\Chiat\Day, President, Los Angeles
Leane Romeo, Overland Entertainment, Owner, New York
Kimberly Rose, KRO Events, President, New York
Elizabeth Ross, Periscope, President & C.E.O., Minneapolis
Elyse Roth, Troika/Mission Group, Executive Director, New York
Maureen Ryan-Fable, First, C.E.O. Americas, New York
Brian Salzman, RQ Agency, Founder, President & Chief Creative Officer, Los Angeles
Chuck Santoro, Proscenium, Partner & Chief Creative, New York
Alan Sartirana, Anthemic Agency, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
David Schwarz, Hush, Founding Partner, New York
Josh Sheets, Trigger House, Partner & Producer, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Matthew Sheppard, The Sheppard, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Eyal Simko, The One Up Group, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Marc Simons, Giant Spoon, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Michael Skolnick, Soze Agency, Co-Founder, New York
Adam Sloyer, Sequence Events, C.E.O., New York
David Spencer, Talent Resources Sports, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Amy Stanton, Stanton & Company, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Evan Starkman, Bait Shoppe, President, New York
Bruce Starr, BMF Media, Founding Partner, New York
Matt Statman, ThinkMotive, C.E.O., Denver
Matt Stoelt, Stoelt Productions, C.E.O. & Creative Director, Los Angeles
Frank Supovitz, Fast Traffic Events & Entertainment, President & Chief Experience Officer, New York
Beth Surmont, 360 Live Media, Director of Experience Design, Washington
Lynn Tesoro, HL Group, Founding Partner & C.E.O., New York
Mark Stephen Testa, Mark Stephen Experiential Agency, Founder & Creative Director, New York
Vince Thompson, Melt, Founder & C.E.O., Atlanta
Stacey Thorp, Freeman, V.P., Conferences & Events, Dallas
Chad Tons, Infinity Marketing Team, President, Los Angeles
Andres Toro, The XD Agency, S.V.P., Strategy, New York
Diana Tsao, Partner Productions, C.E.O., New York
Javier Velarde, Triton Productions, Founder, Miami
Mike Weaver, Manifold, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Chris Weil, Momentum Worldwide, C.E.O., New York
Bobby Wells, Mosaic North America, V.P., Production, Chicago
Thembi Wesley, Team Epiphany, V.P., Experiential, New York
Clare Wynn, M2W Inc., President, Dallas
Richard Yaffa, Spring Studios, Global C.E.O., New York
Mark Zablow, Cogent, Founder, New York
Greg Zalkin, Creative State Marketing, C.E.O., Miami


Washington Arias, Everlast Productions, President & C.E.O., Miami
Al Crawford, Arc3design, Founder & C.E.O., Miami
Karen Cuviello, Projection, Corporate Vice President, Washington
Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services, Owner, Livermore, California
Ysiad Ferreiras, Symmetry Labs, C.E.O., San Francisco
Mark Fuller, Wet Design, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Jere Harris, Production Resource Group, Owner, New York
Bart Kresa, BartKresa Studio, Master Projections Designer, Los Angeles
Jason Lashley, Pixel Rain Digital, Co-Founder & Interactive Director, St. Petersburg, Florida
Ira Levy, Levy Lighting, President, New York
Lou Mannarino, L&M Sound & Light, Owner, New York
Bentley Meeker, Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging, Owner, New York
Christien Methot, Design One Lighting Design, Owner, New York
Kevin Mignone, KM Productions, Founder & President, New York
Steve Milton, Listen, Founding Partner, New York
Kamil Nawratil, VolvoxLabs, Founding Partner, Creative & Technical Director, New York
Jon Retsky, Got Light, Co-Owner, San Francisco
Brett Volker, Listen, Founding Partner, New York
Nick Whitehouse, Fireplay, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York

Anthony Barr, Above & Beyond Catering, Owner & Executive Chef, San Francisco
Ron Ben-Israel, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, Owner, New York
Suzanne Blezard, Union Square Events, Director of Sales & Events, New York
John Calihan, Calihan Catering, C.E.O., Chicago
Peter Callahan, Peter Callahan Catering, Owner & Creative Director, New York
Andrea Correale, Elegant Affairs, President & Founder, New York
Mary Dearborn, CxRA, Vice President, New York
Chris Diviney, Abigail Kirsch, General Manager, New York
Alan Dunn, Très L.A. Catering, Founder, Los Angeles
Mary Giuliani, Mary Giuliani Catering and Events, Owner, New York
Gary Green, Compass Group North America, C.E.O., Charlotte, North Carolina
Bill Hansen, Bill Hansen Catering and Event Production, C.E.O., Miami
Bill Homan, Design Cuisine, Co-Founder, Washington
Jim Horan, Blue Plate Catering, C.E.O., Chicago
Jean-Marie Lacroix, Brûlée Catering, Chef, Philadelphia
Matt Landes, Cocktail Academy, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Eric Michael, Occasions Caterers, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Washington
Steve Michelson, Limelight Catering, President, Chicago
Ingrid Nagy, Catering By Design, Owner, Denver
Liz Neumark, Great Performances, C.E.O., New York
Pauline Parry, Good Gracious Events, President, Los Angeles
Simon Powles, Constellation Culinary Group, Founder & C.E.O., Philadelphia
Kris Reinhard, Bold Catering & Design, Owner, Atlanta
Claudine Revere, Relish Caterers, Principal, New York
Carla Ruben, Creative Edge Parties, President, New York
Molly Schemper, Fig Catering, Owner, Chicago
Lucas Schoemaker, McCalls Catering & Events, President, San Francisco
Brenton Schumacher, Pink Avocado, Owner, Austin
Carl Schuster, Wolfgang Puck Catering, C.E.O. & Managing Partner, Los Angeles
Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering, Managing Partner & Executive Chef, Stamford, Conn.
Bob Spiegel, Pinch Food Design, Chef & Owner, New York
Dan Stacy, Royal Fig Catering, Co-Owner & Executive Chef, Austin
Bobby Stern, Riviera Caterers, President, New York
Chris Verros, Centerplate, C.E.O., Boston
Holly Safford, The Catered Affair, President, Boston
Joachim Splichal, Patina Catering, Chef & Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Joy Wallace, Joy Wallace Catering & Design, Founder, Miami
Trip Wheeler, SB Value, President, Charlotte, N.C.
Laurine Wickett, Left Coast Catering, Owner, San Francisco
Jeff Zalaznick, Major Food Group, Managing Partner, New York


Radha Agrawal, Daybreaker, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Chris Anderson, TED, Curator, New York
Ryan Begelman, Summit, Co-Founder, New York
Lauren Breslow, Sohn Conference Foundation, Executive Director, New York
Walter Charnizon, TechDay HQ, President, New York
Stacey Foreman, NewCo, Executive Producer, San Francisco
Hugh Forrest, SXSW Interactive Festival, Director, Austin
Kat Gordon, The 3% Conference, Founder, San Francisco
Cynthia Hornketh, Gartner Summits, V.P., Program Management, Stamford, Connecticut
Tommy Loper, The Aspen Institute, Managing Director, Washington
Bill Mattes, YPO, Director of Events, Dallas
Moj Mahdara, Beautycon, Founder, Los Angeles
Charles Melcher, Melcher Media and Future of Storytelling, Founder, New York
Shital Patel, NationSwell, Director, Operations & Special Projects, New York
Bryan Quinan, Milken Institute, Director of Events, Los Angeles
Kelly Stoetzel, TED, Head of Conferences, New York
Myra Sung, Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Director, Communications & Initiatives, New York
Diane Vidoni, Emerge Americas, C.O.O., Miami
Laurie White, Conference for Women, Founder, San Francisco
Scott Wilcox, SWSX Conference, Chief Innovation Officer, Austin
Jamie Zarda, Offshore Technology Conference, Program Manager, Houston


Chris Albert, National Geographic Channels, E.V.P., Global Communications, Events & Talent Relations, Washington
Andy Allman, Southwest Airlines, Director, Experiential Marketing & Sponsorships, Dallas
Janelle Anderson, American Airlines, V.P., Global Marketing, Dallas
Damien Baines, Instagram, Experiential Marketing Lead, San Francisco
Ivan Bart, IMG, President, IMG Models, New York
Bob Bejan, Microsoft, General Manager of Global Events, Production Studios & Marketing Community, Seattle
Colleen Bisconti, IBM, V.P., Global Conferences & Events, Los Angeles
Kim Boriin, Guardian Life, Global Event Manager, New York
Corbin W. Bourne, Electronic Arts, Senior Global Events Producer, San Francisco
Lylle Breier, Disney, S.V.P., Global Marketing Partnerships, Promotions, Synergy & Special Events, Los Angeles
Kristin Burkhalter, Axios, V.P., Events, Washington
Lauren Burmaster, Facebook, A.R./V.R. Social Impact, San Francisco
Jenny Campbell, Tinder, C.M.O., Los Angeles
Jeffrey Caldwell, Architectural Digest, Director, Strategic Branding and Events, New York
Alyssa Chapman, Best Buy Corp., Manager, Experiential Marketing, Minneapolis
Steve Clemons, The Hill, Editor at Large, Washington
Kristine Coratti, Washington Post Live & The Washington Post, V.P., Communications & General Manager, Washington
Cara Crowley, Condé Nast, Executive Director, Events, New York
Michael Curmi, Jaguar Land Rover North America, Brand Experience Director, New York
Chris Curtin, Visa, Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer, San Francisco
Deborah Curtis, American Express, V.P., Head of Global Brand Experiences & Partnerships, New York
Scott Dallavo, Los Angeles Times, Director, Events & Strategic Alliances, Los Angeles
Hollace Davids, Universal Pictures, S.V.P., Special Projects, Los Angeles
Chena Dederian, Bank of America, S.V.P., Head of Global Event Marketing, New York
Tara de Nicolas, Amazon, Head of Field Events, Washington
Katie DeVries, Target Corporation, Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing, Minneapolis
Susana Diharce Guzman, The Knot Worldwide, Senior Director of Events, Orlando
Kelly Dirck, World of Wonder Productions, Director, Los Angeles
Holly Lemkau Doran, Bloomberg New Economy Forum, Managing Director, New York
Karla Dover, Pernod Ricard, Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing & Brand Partnership, New York
Ned Duggan, Bacardi, V.P., Brand Marketing Director, Miami
Pam Dzierzanowski, PatrĂłn Spirits Company, V.P., Event Marketing, Los Angeles
Chas Edwards, Pop-Up Magazine, Co-Founder & Publisher, San Francisco
Vivian Eickhoff, Microsoft, Group Event Marketing Manager, Seattle
Maureen Elliott, ESPN, Director of Event Marketing, New York
Vanessa Fontanez, Vox Media, V.P., Experiential Marketing, New York
Vance Garrett, ModelLand, S.V.P., Experience & Marketing, Los Angeles
Edward Gold, State Farm, Head of Brand Marketing, Advertising, Media
& Sponsorship Strategy, Bloomington, Illinois
Sarah Goodnow, Airbnb, Global Head, Alternative Marketing, San Francisco
Michelle Gray, The New York Times, Creative Director, TimesTalks & N.Y.T. Live Consumer Events, New York
Shea Guinn, Turner Broadcasting, S.V.P., Event Marketing & Production, New York
Chauncey Hamlett, Pepsi, Head of Marketing (Strategy, Innovation & Commercial Lead), New York
Kenya Hardaway, FX Networks, S.V.P., Integrated Promotions, Los Angeles
Kate Hefler, Netflix, Director, Events, Los Angeles
Heather Henderson Thomas, Cisco, Senior Manager, Strategic Ops & Event Experience, San Francisco
Mark Henneberger, Walmart, V.P., Event Solutions, Bentonville, Arkansas
William Herbert, Red Bull, National Manager, Event Marketing, Los Angeles
Judith Herrera, Verizon Media, Director, Global Events, New York
Melissa Hobley, OkCupid, Chief Marketing Officer, New York
Ken Hudson, Westfield Brand Ventures, Senior Manager, Events & Entertainment, Los Angeles
Sarah Irby, Unilever, Director, U.S. Face & Incubation, New York
Tomiko Iwata, Fox Broadcasting, S.V.P., Creative Services Group, Los Angeles
Rahsaan Johnson, United Airlines, Director, Sponsorships & Brand Activation, Chicago
Amandalyn Jones, She Media, Director, Live Media, Events & Strategic Partnerships, New York
Jeff Kaplan, Discovery Inc., S.V.P., Global Events & Brand Activation, Washington
Ruth Katz, Morgan Stanley, Executive Director, Co-Head Americas Event Planning, New York
Keyana Kashfi, Spotify, Director, Global Marketing Experiences/Live Event Production, New York
Herb Karlitz, Karlitz & Company, President, New York
Steve Kelty, Lyft, Director of Experiential Marketing, North America, San Francisco
Emily Ketchen, HP, Head of Marketing, San Francisco
Susan Kessler, Forbes, Senior Director of Events, New York
Andrew Kilbourn, Condé Nast, Head of Experiences, New York
Ricky Kim, Nintendo, Director of Experiential Marketing, Seattle
Diella Koberstein Allen, Food & Wine Magazine, Event Marketing Director, New York
Tracee Larocca, Taco Bell, S.V.P., Advertising & Brand Engagement, Los Angeles
Michael Lifson, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Senior Meeting Planner, Dallas
Brian N. Lo Truglio, Starz, Director of Events, Los Angeles
Kandra Lopez, Hulu, Manager, Experiential & Events, Los Angeles
Brian Loucks, Creative Artists Agency, Talent Agent, Los Angeles
Margaret Low, AtlanticLive, President, Washington
Chelsea Maclin, Bumble, V.P., Marketing, Austin
Amy Marino, American Express, V.P., Brand Marketing, Experience & Partnerships, New York
Africa McClain, Time Inc., Live Events Coordinator, New York
Lyndsay Meabon, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, V.P., Events & Tentpoles, Los Angeles
Daniele Menache, AllianceBernstein, Managing Director, Head of Global Events, New York
Jonathan Meyers, CNBC Events, G.M. & S.V.P., New York
Marcia Merando, Frankenmuth Insurance, Director of Marketing, Detroit
Luke Miller, Amazon Web Services, Senior Event Marketing Manager, Washington
Candace Montgomery, Essence, Executive Director, Live Events & Experiential, New York
John Mount, Coca-Cola, V.P., Marketing Assets & Activation, Atlanta
Carol Muldoon, KPMG, Managing Director, New Jersey
Oswald Myers, Nike, Director of Live Experiences, New York
Tracy Olenick, UBS Investment Bank, Executive Director, Head of Conferences & Events, U.S., New York
Andee Olson, Bumble, Marketing Director, Strategic Markets, New York
Zach Overton, Google, Interim Head of U.S. Consumer Marketing, Mobile, San Francisco
Gary Pagano, Viacom, V.P., Special Events, New York
Francesca Pedemonti, Goldman Sachs, V.P., Global Co-Head of Events, New York
Anna Plaks, PopSugar, S.V.P., Creative Development & Innovation, New York
Zach Papale, YouTube, Global Head, Brand Experience & Partnerships, San Francisco
Dede Pochos, New York Life, Corporate Vice President, Agency Meetings, New York
Carolyn Pund, Cisco Systems, Global Strategic Meetings & Technologies Management, Business Event Operations, San Francisco
Steve Raizes, Viacom, S.V.P. of Experiences, New York
Christine Ramsay, Dolby Laboratories, Senior Manager, Global Experiential Marketing, Los Angeles
Tara Reilly, New York magazine, Director of Events, New York
Michelle Rosen Sapir, Google, Head of Brand & Reputation Events & Experiences, New York
Paul Salinger, Oracle OpenWorld, V.P., Marketing, San Francisco
Alessandra Sapiz, Cisco, V.P., Global Events, San Francisco
Sarah Schecter , Intel Corporation, Event Marketing Program Manager, U.S. Events, Sales & Marketing Group, Portland, Ore.
Jill Schwartz, W. R. Berkley Corporation, Director, Conferences & Events, Greenwich, Conn.
Roy Schwartz, Axios, Founder & President, Washington
Allen Shapiro, Dick Clark Productions, Executive Chairman, Los Angeles
Yma Sherry, American Express Global Business Travel, V.P., North America, Philadelphia
Catherine Simmons, Salesforce, V.P., Strategic Events, San Francisco
D.R. Smith, CVS Health, Senior Manager, Corporate Events, Chicago
Richard Smith, TechCrunch, Director, Event Programming, San Francisco
Chris Stang, The Infatuation and Zagat, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Helen Stoddard, Twitter, Head of Global Events, New York
Ellen Stone, NBC Universal, E.V.P., Marketing, Bravo & Oxygen Media, New York
Cindy Tenner, HBO, V.P., Special Events, New York
David Tinson, Electronic Arts, S.V.P., Marketing Communications, San Francisco
Martin Torres, Fast Company, Marketing Producer, Experiential Events & Special Projects, New York
Michael Trovalli, Fiserv, Vice President, Global Events, Dallas
Melissa Tuan, Tidal, Head of Experiential Marketing, New York
Steve Van Doren, Vans, V.P., Events & Promotions, Los Angeles
Karly Venuto, The We Company, Chief of Staff to Co-President & Chief Legal Officer, New York
Brian Virgo, Oath, Tech Director, Washington
Jeanne Weintraub, Johnson & Johnson, Senior Director, Global Event Management, New York
Ellie Winkleman, SL Green Realty Corp., Director, Corporate Events, New York
Christa Woss, McDonald’s Corp., Exhibit Manager, Chicago
Adrienne Wright Zdaniewski, Bustle, Senior Manager, Events, New York
Kristine Yapp Jones, Twitter, Global Event Marketing Manager, San Francisco
Deborah Yeh, Sephora, S.V.P., Marketing, San Francisco
Jennifer Yu, Apple, Global Events—High Touch Experiences, San Francisco
Kera Zacuto, The Hustle, Director of Events, San Francisco

Jaclyn Bernstein, Access New York Metro, Partner - New York, New York
Dabney Bixel, Bixel & Company, President & Owner, Los Angeles
Cosimo Bruzzese, PRA Business Events, V.P., Business Development, New York
Kaye Burkhardt, Fan Fares, Owner & C.E.O., Dallas
Michelle Castady Orlando, 360 Destination Group Chicago, General Manager, Chicago
Catherine Chaulet, Global DMC Partners, President, Boston
Shannon Gardner, CTC Destination Management, President, Chicago
Annette Gregg, AlliedPRA, Regional Senior Vice President, San Diego
David Hainline, CSI DMC, C.E.O., Washington
Barb Harris, CTC Destination Management, V.P., Event Services, Chicago
Janet Holliday, CE Group, President and Owner, San Antonio
Colleen Horan, The Destination Manager, President, Scottsdale
Natalie Kennedy, Kennedy Creative Events, C.E.O., Austin
Christopher Lee, Access Destination Services, C.E.O., San Diego
Cindy Lo, Red Velvet Events, President, Austin
Tony Lorenz, PRA, C.E.O., Chicago
Marty MacKay, Hosts Global, Alliance President, Washington
Jim Nelson, Destinations By Design, Founder & Chairman, Las Vegas
Jim Post, Advantage Destination & Meeting Services, V.P., Operations & Partner, Miami
Karen Shackman, Shackman Associates New York, President, New York
Sharon Siegel, Deco Productions, President, Miami
Laurie Sprouse, Ultimate Ventures, President, Dallas
Laurie Stroll, Newport Hospitality, President & Owner, Newport, Rhode Island
Valerie Summers, Destination Musick City, Vice President, Nashville
Clint Upchurch, PRA, Senior Experience Designer, Los Angeles


Lori Adlesick, Choose Chicago, V.P., Industry Relations & Special Events, Chicago
George Aguel, Visit Orlando, President & C.E.O., Orlando
Marc Anderson, Choose Chicago, Executive Vice President, Chicago
Brenda Bazan, Houston First, President & C.E.O., Houston
Sam Coats, Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, Interim President & C.E.O., Dallas
Julie Coker Graham, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, President & C.E.O., Philadelphia
Santiago Corrada, Visit Tampa Bay, President & C.E.O., Tampa
Joe D’Alessandro, San Francisco Travel, President & C.E.O., San Francisco
Brad Dean, Discover Puerto Rico, President & C.E.O., San Juan, Puerto Rico
Fred Dixon, NYC & Company, President & C.E.O., New York
Elliott Ferguson, Destination D.C., C.E.O., Washington
Jorge Franz, Visit Houston, S.V.P., Tourism, Houston
Jeff Guaracino, Visit Philadelphia, President & C.E.O., Philadelphia
Steve Goodling, Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, President & C.E.O., Long Beach, California
Casandra Matej, Visit San Antonio, President & C.E.O., San Antonio
Chris Meyer, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, V.P. Global Business Sales, Las Vegas
Steve Moore, Visit Phoenix, President & C.E.O., Phoenix
Stephen Perry, New Orleans & Company, President & C.E.O., New Orleans
Stacy Ritter, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, President & C.E.O., Fort Lauderdale
William Talbert, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, C.E.O., Miami
Ernest Wooden Jr., Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, President & C.E.O., Los Angeles


Brad Berridge, Feld Entertainment, Director of Sound Operations, Palmetto, Florida
Chris Downey-Asher, Asher Entertainment, President & Executive Producer, Los Angeles
Rolando Espinoza, Champagne Creative Group, Creative Director, Las Vegas
Michael Fiur, Fiur Productions, President & Executive Producer, New York
Linda Gierahn, Dick Clark Productions, E.V.P., Production, Los Angeles
Hamish Hamilton, Done & Dusted, Director & Executive Producer, New York
Charlie Haykel, Don Mischer Productions, Partner, Los Angeles
Ed Horne, Endeavor Global Marketing, President, New York
Harris Lane, Hank Lane Music & Productions, President, New York
Rossi Morreale, Event Host Live, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Bob Newman, AEG Facilities, President, Los Angeles
Darren Olarsch, On the Move Entertainment & Events, President, New York
Simon Pizey, Done & Dusted, C.E.O., New York
Chris Ruffin, HiHat Productions, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Tom Russell, Founders Entertainment, Partner, New York
Chris Sheppard, The Walt Disney Company, Event Director, Global Special Events, Los Angeles
Ian Stewart, Done & Dusted, President, New York
Russell Wallach, Live Nation, President, Live Nation Media & Sponsorship, New York
Jordan Wolowitz, Founders Entertainment, Co-Founder & Partner, New York


Larry Abel, Abel + McCallister + Abel, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Frank Alexander, Frank Alexander NYC, Event Producer, New York
Melissa Andre, Melissa Andre Events, Owner & Creative Director, Los Angeles
Raul Àvila, Raul Àvila Inc., President, New York
Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey Designs, Event Designer, New York
Nicky Balestrieri, The Gathery, Co-Founder, New York
Kristin Banta, Kristin Banta Events, Owner & Lead Designer, Los Angeles
David Beahm, David Beahm Experiences, Founder, New York
Sneha Bhatia, MAS Event & Design, E.V.P., Experiential Production, New York
Steve Bales, Bold Catering & Design, Creative Director, Special Events, Atlanta
Jessica Boskoff, Twenty Three Layers, C.E.O. & Founder, New York
Billy Butchkavitz, Billy Butchkavitz Design, Founder, Los Angeles
Liz Castelli, Tinsel Experiential Design, Partner & C.C.O., New York
Michael Cerbelli, Cerbelli Creative, President & C.E.O., New York
Mia Choi, MAS Event & Design, Chief Creative Officer, New York
Emily Clarke, Emily Clarke Events, Owner & Creative Director, Dallas
Patrick Clayton, Patrick J Clayton Productions, Owner, New York
Norma Cohen, Norma Cohen Productions, Owner, New York
Christopher Confero, Confero, Owner, Atlanta
Jack Connolly, Mosis, Founder & Creative Director, San Francisco
Adette C. Contreras, Tinsel Experiential Design, Co-Founder & C.C.O., New York
Tony Conway, Legendary Events, Founder & C.E.O., Atlanta
Todd Cooper, Toast, Executive Producer & Partner, Los Angeles
Tricia Costello, Fresh Wata, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Stefanie Cove, Stefanie Cove and Company, Founder, Los Angeles
Colin Cowie, Colin Cowie Lifestyle, C.E.O. & C.O.O.,New York
Karla Dascal, Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, C.E.O., Miami
Liron David, Eventique, Founder & Executive Producer, New York
Alexandre de Betak, Bureau Betak, Founder, New York
Morgan Doan, Morgan Events, Principal & Creative Director, San Francisco
Philip Dufour, Dufour & Co Productions, President & C.E.O., Washington
Katie Easley, Kate Ryan Design, Owner & Founder, Scottsdale, Arizona
Michelle Edgemont, Michelle Edgemont Design, C.E.O., New York
Marc Eliot, Swoop, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, New York
Janet Elkins, Eventworks, President, Los Angeles
Todd Fiscus, Todd Events, Owner, Dallas
Thomas Ford, Tom Ford Designs, Owner, Los Angeles
Jeffrey Foster, Frost, Sales, Chicago
Valerie Gernhauser, Sapphire Events, Owner & Creative Director, New Orleans
Stanlee Gatti, Stanlee R. Gatti Designs, Owner, San Francisco
Jes Gordon, JesGordon/ProperFun, Owner & Creative Director, New York
Ben Hamilton, Stefan Beckman Studio, Experiential Designer, New York
Marc Hall, Marc Hall Design, Creative Director, Boston
Mike Hansen, Hansen Productions, President, Los Angeles
Russell Harris, Russell Harris Event Group, Event Designer & Owner, Los Angeles
Bill Heffernan, HMR Designs, Creative Director, Chicago
Matthew David Hopkins, 360 Design Events, Owner & Creative Director, New York
Chad Hudson, Chad Hudson Events, President, Los Angeles
Albie Hueston, Independent Producer, Los Angeles
Travis Jackson, 1540 Productions, Senior Producer, Los Angeles
David Jacobsen, Invisible North, Head of Production, New York
Tom Kehoe, Kehoe Designs, President, Chicago
Evan Korn, Ideko Productions, Managing Partner & C.E.O., New York
Ty Kuppig, Tyger | Design & Production, Founder & Creative Director, Boston
Lindsay Landman, Lindsay Landman Events, President & Creative Director, New York
Dera Lee, Dera Lee Productions, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Jung Lee, FĂŞte, Co-Founder, New York
Jennifer Leibow, Glow Events, Director of Corporate Events, San Francisco
Joe Lewis, the Joe Lewis Company, President, Los Angeles
Randi Lesnick, Randi Events, Owner, Nashville
Ed Libby, Ed Libby & Co., Event Designer, New York
Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event, Founder, Chicago
Jillian Livingston, Eclectic Hive, Owner & Creative Director, Denver
Cynthia Lopell, CL22 Productions, Founder & President, Los Angeles
Mircea Manea, Blueprint Studios, Co-Founder & Principal, San Francisco
Kelly Markus, Independent Producer, New York
Cory Martin, Martin & Vanegas Agency, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Bree McAlister, Blue Revolver, Executive Creative Director, Los Angeles
Raymond McCallister, Abel + McCallister + Abel, Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Derek McLane, Derek McLane Design, Founder, New York
Yvonne McNair, Captivate Marketing Group, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Tom McPhillips, Atomic Design, Partner & Founder, Lititz, Pennsylvania
David Merrell, AOO Events, C.E.O. & Creative Director, Los Angeles
Matthew Myhrum, Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization, President, New York
Andrea Michaels, Extraordinary Events, President, Los Angeles
Lewis Miller, Lewis Miller Design, Founder, New York
Natasha Miller, Entire Productions, President & Chief Experience Designer, San Francisco
Scott Mirkin, ESM Productions, ESM Productions, Philadelphia
Kevin Molesworth, Brass Tacks Events, President & Owner, Austin, Texas
Joe Moller, Joe Moller Events, President, Los Angeles
David Monn, David Monn, LLC, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Anthony Moschini, Moschini Productions, Founder, New York
Kelly Murphy, Events on the Loose, President, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Elizabeth Nirenstein, Independent Producer, Minneapolis
Zev Norotsky, Enter, Founder, Los Angeles
Rishi Patel, HMR Designs, C.E.O., Chicago
Marco Olmi, StoneKelly, President & Co-Owner, New York
Yifat Oren, Oren Co., Founder & Creative Director, Los Angeles
Bruce Orosz, ACT Productions, President, Miami
Luis Otoya, Matthew Robbins Design, Partner & Executive Director, New York
Bryan Rafanelli, Rafanelli Events, Founder, President & C.E.O., Boston
Matthew Robbins, Matthew Robbins Design, Senior Partner & Creative Director, New York
Raul Rodriguez, 2R Creative, Event Producer, Miami
Steven Royal, Adam Koch Associates, Associate Designer, New York
Pat Ryan, Party Planners West, President, Los Angeles
Samantha Sackler, The Firm Event Design, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Nancy Shaffer, Bravo Events, Founder, Washington
Tony Schubert, Event Eleven, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Annie Senatore, Design Foundry, Founder, Washington
Amy Shey Jacobs, Chandelier Events, Founder & Creative Director, New York
Josh Spiegel, Birch Event Design, Creative Director & President, New York
David Stark, David Stark Design & Production, President & Creative Director, New York
DeJuan Stroud, DeJuan Stroud Inc., Event Designer, New York
Jennifer Stone, StoneKelly, C.E.O., New York
Kim Swift, Magazine Projects, Creative Director, Los Angeles
Rita Tabet, Pop Up Mob, C.O.O. & Co-Founder, New York
Luigi Tadini, The Gathery, Co-Founder, New York
Erica Taylor Haskins, Tinsel Experiential Design, Partner & C.M.O., New York
Shai Tertner, Shiraz Creative, President, Miami
Shane Terenzi, High Beam Events, Director of Events, Austin
Annie Thompson, Pen & Prue Productions, President, Executive Producer, Austin
Jodi Thompson, Revolution Marketing, Managing Director, Los Angeles
Antony Todd, Antony Todd Inc., Owner & Director, New York
CeCe Todd, CeCe Designs and Events, Owner & Lead Designer, Birmingham, Alabama
Teissia Treynet, Firefly Events, Founder & C.E.O., New York
David Tutera, David Tutera Inc., Celebrity Weddings & Celebrations Planner, New York
Kevin Vanegas, Martin & Vanegas Agency, Co-Founder & V.P. of Marketing, Los Angeles
Bronson van Wyck, Workshop and Van Wyck & Van Wyck, Founding Partner, New York
Jen Vitale, Independent Producer, New York
Steve Webb, Webb, Owner, Salt Lake City
Barton G. Weiss, Barton G, Founder & C.E.O., Miami
Mindy Weiss, Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, Event Planner, Los Angeles
André Wells, Events By André Wells, Founder, Washington
Ron Wendt, Ron Wendt Design, Event Designer, New York
Kevin White, XPL, Founder & Chief Strategist, Boston
Roger Whyte, RJ Whyte Event Production, Principal, Washington
Troy Williams, Simply Troy, Owner, Los Angeles
Jodi Wolf, Paulette Wolf Events, C.E.O., Chicago
Josh Wood, Josh Wood Productions, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Shawna Yamamoto, Shawna Yamamoto Event Design, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Mark Yumkas, Angel City Designs, President, Los Angeles
Edgardo Zamora, Revelry Event Designers, Founder & C.E.O., Los Angeles


Deborah Breiter, University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Professor, Orlando
Joan Eisenstodt, Eisenstodt Associates, Owner, Washington
Timothy M. Lam, International School of Hospitality, Executive Director, Las Vegas
Janet Sperstad, Madison Area Technical College, Program Director, Meeting & Event Management Degree, Madison, Wisconsin
Derek Warnick, CMEPalooza, Producer, Philadelphia
Carl Winston, San Diego State University L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Director, San Diego


Tonya Almond, P.C.M.A., V.P., Knowledge & Experience Design, Chicago
David Audrain, SISO, Executive Director, Atlanta
Frederick Bell, Coalition of Black Meeting Planners, Chairman, New Orleans
Steve Bova, Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals, Executive Director, Chicago
Amy Calvert, Events Industry Council, C.E.O., Washington
Kristi Casey Sanders, Meeting Professionals International, Director of Community, Atlanta
Jim Cronin, Council of Protocol Executives, President, New York
Roger Dow, U.S. Travel Association, President & C.E.O., Washington
David Dubois, IAEE, President & C.E.O., Dallas
Kevin Edmunds, AIC Hotel Group, V.P., Sales, Coral Gables, Florida
Kimberley Gishler, CEMA, Executive Director, Sacramento
David Jeffreys, L.G.B.T. Meeting Professionals Association, Executive Director, Philadelphia
Tammy Koolbeck, IAVM, Chair of the Board, Ames, Iowa
Lawrence Leonard, NACE, Executive Director, Washington
Dana Macaulay, ILEA, President-Elect, San Francisco
Nan Marchand Beauvois, U.S. Travel Association, V.P., National Councils, Washington
Steve O’Malley, MPI, Chair, St. Louis
Jack Patronski, GES - Global Experience, Specialists, E.V.P., Industry Development, Chicago
David Peckinpaugh, Maritz Global Events, President, St. Louis
Shawna Suckow, SPIN, Founder & Chairwoman, St. Paul
Paul Van Deventer, MPI, President & C.E.O., Dallas
Don Welsh, Destinations International, President & C.E.O., Washington


Denise Adam, HelmsBriscoe, Senior Director, Global Accounts, New York
Kimberly Allen, Something Fabulous, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Washington
Christine Altieri, AE Events, Founding Partner, Boston
Victoria Ascione, V Event Management, Owner & Chief Event Strategist, Miami
Richard Attias, Richard Attias & Associates, Founder, New York
Amy Bates, Bates Events, President, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Jason Burlingame, Stamp Event Management, Founder, New York
Natalie Burnside, The Burnside Group, Managing Director, Pittsburgh
Jennifer Charles, Something Fabulous, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Washington
Jessica Cheney, We Crush Events, Chief Events Officer, Los Angeles
Agnes “AC” Canonica, MCI Group, Global Account Director, Washington
Toni Caruso, Caruso Signature Events, Owner & Event Producer, Los Angeles
Annette Chinn, Streamlinevents, C.E.O. & Owner, San Francisco
Stephanie Cole, Cole Drake Events, Principal Planner, Napa, California
Jodi Collen, Be The Match, Senior Event Manager, Corporate Marketing, Minneapolis
Margaret Crisostomo, Stamp Event Management, Founder, New York
Cathi Culbertson, Consultant, New York
Ellin Delsener, Event Associates, President, New York
Amy Doherty, Amy Doherty Events, Owner, Boston
Tracie Domino, Tracie Domino Events, Founder & Creative Director, Tampa
Martha Donato, Mad Event Management, President, New York
Sarah Drake, Cole Drake Events, Principal Planner, Napa, California
Heather Dwight, Calluna Events, Owner, Denver
Marc Feuerstein, ESE Lifestyle, Director, Special Events, PR & Marketing, Los Angeles
Stephanie Franco, SpotOn Events, Founder, San Francisco
Brett Friedman, Agency 21, Managing Partner, Miami
Virginia Fout, V Productions, Owner & President, Los Angeles
Carol Galle, Special D Events, President & C.E.O., Detroit
Jaime Geffen, Geffen Events, Founder, Los Angeles
Henry Givray, SmithBucklin, Chairman, Chicago
Rachael Glaws, RGI Events & Public Relations, Founder & Principal, Washington
Jeff Guberman, McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, C.E.O., New York
Liz Hart, Liz Hart Events, Executive Producer, Washington
Lori Hart, Silhouette Group, Managing Director & Co-Founder, New York
Todd Hawkins, The Todd Group, President & Founder, Los Angeles
Stacy Heit, Sassevents, Chief Events Officer, Washington
Heather Herrig, Every Last Detail, Principal, Atlanta
Ryan Hill, Apotheosis Events, Principal, New York
Heidi Hiller, Innovative Party Planners, Owner, Creative Director, Baltimore
Jen Hoff, Taffy Event Strategies, President, Washington
BK Kennelly, Agile Eye Solutions, Owner, Los Angeles
Eaddy Kiernan, Consultant, New York
Geoff Kretchmer, Star Trax Event Productions, President & Partner, Detroit
David Landgraf, Make It Happen Management, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, New York
Lon Lane, Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions, Owner, Kansas City, Missouri
Allegra Lee, Milk Studios, Events Manager, New York
Rebecca Linder, Linder Global Events, Founder & C.E.O., Washington
Jennifer Lucio Vargas, 305 Communications, Founder & President, Miami
Judy Levy, Levy, Pazanti & Associates, Founder, Los Angeles
Heather Mason, Caspian Agency, Founder, San Francisco
Carol McGury, SmithBucklin, E.V.P., Event & Education Services, Chicago
Jamie Murdock, Experient, V.P., Sales, Washington
Rickie Niceta, the White House, Social Secretary, Washington
Mia Novak, Platinum Events Productions, President, Corporate Project Management, Los Angeles
Ray Nutt, Fathom Events, C.E.O., Denver
Qualena Odom-Royes, EventEssentials, President, Atlanta
Renee Ortiz, Eventful Productions, Event Management Specialist & President, Denver
Danielle Pelland, Brilliant Consulting, Owner, Los Angeles
Allison Pieter, Allison Pieter Event Management & Production, Event Producer, Los Angeles
Aliana Rubins, Aliana Events, C.E.O. & Creative Director, Los Angeles
Alicia Schiro, Aced It Events, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Sarah Shewey, Happily, Founder & C.E.O., San Francisco
Jeffrey Shulman, Scott Circle Events, Principal, Washington
Rick Simone, EGN Consulting, C.E.O., Providence
Andy Smith, Experient, S.V.P., ESN & Strategic Sourcing, Hendersonville, Tennessee
Melissa Spirito, Silhouette Group, Managing Partner, New York
John Stachnik, On The Scene, Managing Partner, Chicago
Brian Stevens, ConferenceDirect, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Jeffrey Swager, Symbiotic Event Services, President, Denver
Michelle Thornton, East West Connection, Senior Meeting Planner, Irvine, California
Michelle Troop, NextCustomer &, Co-Founder & C.O.O., Dallas
Tony Wagner, CWT Meetings & Events, V.P., Americas, Minneapolis
Lynda Webster, Webster Group, Founder & Chairman, Washington
Kari Wendel, CWT Meetings & Events, V.P., Global Strategic Meetings Management Strategy & Solutions, Sarasota, Florida
Shauna Whitehead, BCD Meetings & Events, V.P., Account Management, Minneapolis
Bill Woods, Villain, Principal, New York
Jim Wulfekuhle, VJKR Events, C.E.O., Atlanta
Michael Yag, Access TCA, C.E.O., Boston


Reggie Aggarwal, CVENT, C.E.O., Washington
Jake Anderson, FĂŞteTech, Owner & Founder, Roanoke, Virginia.
Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball & Co., Owner, Bellingham, Washington
Eran Ben-Shushan, Bizzabo, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Dan Berger, Social Tables, Founder & C.E.O., Washington
Bob Caldwell, 42Chat, Founding Partner, Salt Lake City
Oni Chukwu, Aventri, C.E.O., New York
Lawrence Coburn, DoubleDutch, C.E.O., San Francisco
Chris Courtemanche, Renhaus Visualization Studio, Founder, Los Angeles
Ashley Crowder, VNTANA, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Will Curran, Endless Events, Founder, New York
Dahlia El Gazzar, Dahlia+ Inc., Tech Evangelist, Boston
Chuck Elias, 42Chat, Co-Founder & C.E.O., Salt Lake City
Lucy Giovando Watts, Lasso40, Founder & C.E.O., Tiburon, California
Les Goldberg, LMG, President & C.E.O., Orlando
Mattias Gunneras, Breakfast, Co-Founder, New York
Sandy Hammer, AllSeated, Co-Founder, San Francisco
Julia Hartz, Eventbrite, Co-Founder & C.E.O., San Francisco
Scott Heiferman, Meetup, Co-Founder & C.E.O., San Francisco
Ben Hindman, Splash, C.E.O., New York
Juraj Holub, Slido, Marketing Director, New York
Jim Hopper, M-ND, C.E.O. and Co-Founder, New York
Christle Johnson, GBTA, President, Houston
Sandro Kereselidze, Artechouse, Founder & Art Director, Washington
Brad Langley, Aventri, V.P., Global Third Party Markets, Atlanta
Michael Lipton, Luster, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Gregg Murtha, Xplorit, President & C.O.O., Sacramento
Michael Nørregaard, Sonic Foundry Inc., C.E.O., Madison, Wisconsin
Tati Pastukhova, Artechouse, Managing Director, Washington
Alex Plaxen, Little Bird Told Media, President, Washington
DJ Saul, ISL, C.E.O., Los Angeles
Joe Schwinger, MeetingPlay, Co-Founder & C.E.O., Frederick, Maryland
BJ Singh, EventEQ, President & C.E.O., Baltimore
Patti Tackeff, Lenos Software, President, San Francisco
Leonora Valvo, Swoogo, Founder & Director, Newport, Rhode Island
Vello Virkhaus, Xite Labs, Partner & Creative Director, Los Angeles
Andrew Zolty, Breakfast, Co-Founder & Head of Design, New York


Anthony Asaro, 11th St. Workshop, Production Designer, New York
Tim Bina, Nest Experiential, Creative Director, Los Angeles
Elissa Blumstein, Surface Grooves, Designer & Owner, New York
Ryan Blumstein, Surface Grooves, Fabricator & Owner, New York
Bill Dierberger, Skyline, President, Los Angeles
Evan Frank, Rebel & Rogue, Executive Producer & Partner, New York
Louie Hinnen, The Factory NYC, Owner, New York
Austin Johnston, AKJohnston Group, C.E.O. & Founder, Los Angeles
Joseph Jones, Rebel & Rogue, Partner, New York
Matt Kleinrock, Rockway Exhibits & Events, C.O.O., Orlando
Jason Riley, Black Ops Productions, Owner & Partner, New York
Anthony Santiago, Pink Sparrow, Managing Director, New York
Eric Tucker, Day 1 Collective Design, Co-Founder, Eugene, Oregon
Eric Winston, SFDS, Owner & Director, New York


David Beame, Global Citizen Festival, Event Director, New York
Ashley Brandon, Chicago Gourmet, Executive Director, Chicago
John Cooper, Sundance Film Festival, Director, Los Angeles
Joel Cowley, Houston Livestock, Show and Rodeo, President & C.E.O., Houston
Cara Cusumano, Tribeca Film Festival, Director, New York
Tracy Day, World Science Festival, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Barrett Farmer, Naples Winter Wine Festival, Director, Naples, Florida
Chris Frederick, NYC Pride, Director, New York
Emily Gipson, ATX Television Festival, Founder & Co-Executive Director, Austin
Marian Goodell, Burning Man, Founding Board Member & C.E.O., San Francisco
Alice Guo, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Director, Executive Office & Events, Los Angeles
Adam Heffron, Milwaukee World Festival, Director of Operations, Milwaukee
Sean Hoess, Wanderlust, Co-Founder, New York
Chad Issaq, Superfly Marketing Group, E.V.P., Business Development & Partnerships, New York
Jeff Krasno, Wanderlust, Co-Founder, New York
Diana Mayhew, National Cherry Blossom Festival, President, Washington
Caitlin McFarland, ATX Television Festival, Founder & Co-Executive Director, Austin
Kimberly Montgomery, Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group, Director, New York
Sabrina Lynn Motley, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Director, Washington
Suzanne Neve, Florida Festivals Events Association, C.E.O., Orlando
Loring Randolph, Frieze New York, Director, New York
Nigel Redden, Spoleto Festival USA, General Director, Charleston
George Ridgely, San Francisco Pride, Executive Director, San Francisco
Krista Roberts, Slow Foods Nation, Executive Director, Denver
Lee Brian Schrager, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Founder & Director, Miami
Paul Tollet, AEG, C.E.O., Indian Wells, Calif.
Shanna H. Ward, Kentucky Derby Festival, Senior Event Manager & Race Director, Louisville, Kentucky
Justin Weniger, Life is Beautiful, Partner & C.E.O., Las Vegas


Richard B. Alexander, Hakkasan Group, Executive Director, Marketing, Las Vegas
Arthur Backal, Backal Hospitality Group, C.E.O., New York
Cara Banasch, Omni Hotels & Resorts, V.P., Sales, Dallas
Isabelle Brochard Yeh, Invest Hospitality, Director, Event Sales & Operations, New York
Jean Marie Clement, Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, V.P., Food & Beverage, Orlando
John Collins, On Location Experiences, C.E.O., New York
Kelly Craighead, CLIA, President & C.E.O., Washington
Mike DeFrino, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, C.E.O., San Francisco
Paula Dirks, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Director of Marketing, New York
Michael Dominguez, Associated Luxury Hotels International, President & C.E.O., Las Vegas
Steve Enselein, Hyatt Hotels Corp., S.V.P., Events, Chicago
Bob Gilbert, HSMAI, President & C.E.O., Washington
William Harris, AvroKO, Founding Partner, New York
Steve Heitzner, Marriott International, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Americas, Bethesda, Maryland
Pablo Henderson, W Hotels, Senior Global Director, Brand Marketing, New York
Danny Hughes, Hilton, E.V.P. & President, Americas, Washington
Jan Jones Blackhurst, Caesars Entertainment, V.P. Public Policy & Corporate Responsibility, Las Vegas
Juli Jones, HSMAI, Vice President, Richmond, Va.
Jami Kirk, the Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Head of Global Experiential Marketing, New York
Vincent LaRuffa, Universal Orlando Resort, V.P., Resort Marketing, Orlando
Beth McCabe Holman, Blackberry Farm, Senior Events Manager, Knoxville, Tennesee
Leslie Menichini, Rosen Hotels & Resorts, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Orlando
Michael Menis, InterContinental Hotels Group, S.V.P., Global Marketing Services, Atlanta
Pavan Pardasani, Tao Group, Chief Marketing Officer, Los Angeles
Diana Pavlov, Marriott International, Global Senior Director, Entertainment & Experiential Marketing, New York
Lynn Pavony, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Director of Incentive Sales, Chicago
Gino Pesanti, the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Director of Events, Los Angeles
Francis Purvey, Sunlark Associates, Executive Vice President, Vero Beach, Florida
David Rockwell, Rockwell Group, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Ian Schrager, Ian Schrager Company, Owner, New York
Charles Thompson, the Biltmore Company, General Manager, Asheville, North Carolina
Jonathan Tisch, Loews Hotels & Co., Chairman & C.E.O., New York


Greg Bogue, Maritz Global Events, Chief Experience Architect, St. Louis
Mark Bondy, Viktor, President & Owner, Traverse City, Michigan
Jeff Broudy, United Incentives, President, Philadelphia
Alexander deHilster, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Event Design Manager, Chicago
Philip Eidsvold, One10, Senior Director of Client Services, Minneapolis
John Iannini, SITE Foundation, President, Atlanta
Joe Keller, MotivAction, President & C.O.O., Minneapolis
Eve Kolakowski, Rymax Marketing Services, President, New York
Mike May, Brightspot Incentives & Events, President, Dallas
Steve O’Malley, Maritz Travel, Division President, St. Louis
Brenda Rivers, Andavo Meetings, President & C.E.O., Denver
Rhea Stagner, Maritz Travel, V.P., Supplier Relations & Sourcing, St. Louis
Rodger Stotz, Incentive Research Foundation, Chief Research Officer, Hartford, Connecticut
Melissa Van Dyke, Creative Group, V.P. Design and Insights, Chicago


Marin Bright, Smart Meetings, Founder & C.E.O., San Francisco
Lori Cioffi, Northstar Travel Media, S.V.P./Editorial Director, New York
Chris Collinson, Connect Meetings, President, Atlanta
Anne Daly Heller, USAE, Executive Editor & Publisher, Washington
Carrie Ferenac, Convention News Television, Owner, Orlando
KiKi L’Italien, Amplified Growth, C.E.O. & Founder, Washington

Hollie Altman, Perez Art Museum Miami, Director of Special Events & Sales, Miami
Courtney Anderson, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Donor Engagement Director, Chicago
Scott Buford, Television Academy, Primetime Emmy Awards, Senior Creative Director, Los Angeles
Katie Desmond, Smithsonian Institution, Deputy Director, Office of Special Events & Protocol, Washington
Anais Disla, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Senior Manager, Special Events Production, New York
Risa Goehrke, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Director of Marketing, Cleveland
Andrew L. Goldberg, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, V.P., Marketing, Miami
Deborah Hare, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Director of Special Events, Chicago
Eugene Hernandez, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Deputy Director, New York
Mary Hogan, Shedd Aquarium, Catering Events Sales Manager, Chicago
Audrey Isaac, American Museum of Natural History, Director, Sales & Marketing, Event & Conference Services, New York
Kelly Kawata, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Director, Events, Los Angeles
Maggie Lyko Twist, Museum of Modern Art, Director, Special Events & Affiliate Programs, New York
Leslie Miller, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Director of Special Events, Washington
Carrie Montgomery, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Director of Special Events, San Francisco
Emily Neidhardt Esposito, New York Public Library, Director of Special Events, New York
Ellyn Nugent, The Field Museum, Manager of Special Events, Chicago
MaryJane Partlow, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Director of Special Events & Production, Los Angeles
Gina Rogak, Whitney Museum of American Art, Director of Special Events, New York
Caroline Usas, New York Botanical Garden, Director of Special Events Development, New York
Damon Whiteside, Country Music Association, Chief Marketing Officer, Nashville Planners Associations


Martin Balogh, American Bar Association, Associate Executive Director, Meetings & Travel Group, Chicago
Anthony Bernard, SAP Users’ Group, S.V.P., Operations, Chicago
Lisa Block, Society for Human Resource Management, V.P., Meetings & Conferences, Washington
Katie Callahan-Giobbi, Association Forum, C.O.O., Chicago
Jared Cohen, American Academy of Pediatrics, Director, National Conference & Exhibition, Chicago
Andy Darmohraj, APPA, Executive Vice President & C.O.O., New York
Dan Goldstein, AVIXA, S.V.P., Content & Communications, Washington
Angela Harar, The Vision Council, Senior Director of Trade Shows, Washington
Marsha Flanagan, IAEE, V.P., Learning Experiences, Dallas
Nikole Fridenmaker, Association of Change Management Professionals, Director of Meetings, Orlando
Mary Pat Heftman, National Restaurant Association, E.V.P., Convention & Strategic Alliances, Chicago
Derrick Johnson, Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers, Senior Director of Meetings, Washington
Phil Kafarakis, Specialty Food Association, President, New York
Karen Kotowski, K2 Association Advisors, Independent Consultant, Washington
Debbie Langelier, NTSA, Assistant V.P., Washington
Amy Ledoux, American Society of Association Executives: The Center for Association Leadership, S.V.P., Meetings & Expositions, Washington
Iain Mackenzie, International Sign Association, V.P. Meetings and Events, Washington
Karen J. Malone, HIMSS North America, V.P., Meeting Services & Sales, Chicago
Steve Pasierb, The Toy Association, President & Chief Executive, New York
William F. Reed, American Society of Hematology, Chief Event Strategy Officer, Washington
Rochelle Richardson, AVIXA, S.V.P., Expositions & Events, Washington
Tracey Smith, SPIN, Executive Director, Austin
Chris Strong, National Business Aviation Association, S.V.P. Conventions & Membership, Washington
Danielle L. Urbina, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Director, Meetings & Exhibits, Chicago


Katie Anderson, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Director, Development & Signature Events, New York
Erica Blum, Central Park Conservancy, Director of Special Events, New York
Lindsay Carroll, Robin Hood Foundation, Managing Director, Events & Production, New York
Patrick Carter, Friends of the High Line, Director of Special Events, New York
Sam Cobbs, Tipping Point Community, President, San Francisco
Jodi Collen, Be the Match, Senior Event Manager, Minneapolis
Sean Currie, Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Executive Director, Phoenix
Cassandra Dawes, Amfar, Director of Special Events, New York
Paula Horowitz, Grand Central Partnership, Director, Hospitality & Special Events, New York
Rachel B. Kramer, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Development & Fundraising Events Manager, New York
Leigh Elyse King, Council of Fashion Designers of America, Marketing & Events Manager, New York
Lee Kite, American Cancer Society, National Strategic Director, Distinguished Partners Events, Chicago
Katie Klein, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Director of Fundraising Events, New York
Alana Kulig, Citymeals on Wheels, Events & Partnerships Director, New York
Jennifer Lopez Kunkel, Unicef USA, Director of Special Events, New York
Katherine Miller, The James Beard Foundation, Vice President, New York
Pamela Mohr, FACES at NYU Langone Medical Center, Executive Director, New York
Nicole Purcell, Clio Awards, President, New York
Dawn Roberson, Diffa: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, Executive Director, New York
Anna Robins, Keep Memory Alive, Senior Director, Las Vegas
Antwone Stigall, ​​Course Hero, Head of Events, San Francisco
Tim Tompkins, Times Square Alliance, President, New York


Mallory Blair, Small Girls PR, Co-Founder & C.E.O., New York
Jennifer Baum, Bullfrog & Baum, President & Founder, New York
Dale Bornstein, M Booth, C.E.O., New York
Michael Braun, ID Public Relations, Vice President, New York
Rhonda Couchigian, Rayce PR, Founder, Los Angeles
Larry Carrino, Brustman Carrino Public Relations, President, Miami
Nick D’Annunzio, Tara Ink., Principal, Miami
Susan Ann Davis, Susan Davis International, Chairman, Washington
Andy Gelb, Slate, Founding Partner, Los Angeles
Nadine Johnson, Nadine Johnson & Associates, Owner, New York
James LaForce, LaForce, President, New York
Selmin Arat Latz, LFB Media Group, President, New York
Susan Magrino, Magrino, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Priscila Martinez, The Brand Agency, Founder, Los Angeles
Matt Neale, Golin, C.E.O., New York
Josh Rosenberg, Day One Agency, Co-Founder and C.E.O., New York
Lisette Sand-Freedman, Shadow, C.E.O., New York
Rachna Shah, KCD, Partner, Managing Director PR & Digital, New York
Maryann Watson, PMK-BNC, E.V.P., Brand Marketing & Communications, New York
Paul Wilmot, Paul Wilmot Communications, Owner, New York


Gregg Caren, SMG, E.V.P., Convention & Exhibition Centers, Philadelphia
Rodolfo Crispin, New York Road Runners, Director, Event Development & Production, New York
Lane Echols, Nascar, Director of Event Marketing, Charlotte, N.C.
Joel Fisher, The Madison Square Garden Company, E.V.P., Marquee Events & Operations, New York
Kelly Flatow, N.B.A., Head of Global Events, New York
Sara Grauf, San Francisco Giants, S.V.P., Event Strategy & Services, San Francisco
Nicole Kankam, United States Tennis Association, Managing Director, Marketing, New York
Marla Miller, Major League Baseball, S.V.P., Special Events, New York
Michael Nishi, Chicago Event Management, Executive Vice President, Chicago
Peter O’Reilly, National Football League, S.V.P. of Events, New York
Carey Pinkowski, Chicago Event Management, President & C.E.O., Chicago
Lauren Proshan, Boston Athletic Association, Director of Operations, Boston
Stephen Revetria, Giants Enterprises, Senior Vice President, San Francisco
Casey Wasserman, Wasserman, Chairman & C.E.O., Los Angeles
Andrea Williams, College Football Playoff, C.O.O., Dallas
Lee Zeidman, Staples Center, Microsoft Theater, L.A. Live, President, Los Angeles


Shimon Avish, DigiTravel Consulting, V.P. Consulting, Boston
Mary Boone, Boone Associates, President, Essex, Connecticut
Rehan Choudhry, A Beautiful Perspective, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Nancy Drapeau, Center for Exhibition Research, Vice President of Research, Biddeford, Maine
Holly Duckworth, Leadership Solutions International, C.E.O., Denver
Natasha Ellis, Alive & Well Co., Founder, New York
Allin Foulkrod, Creative Visions, President, Raleigh, North Carolina
Howard Givner, Heathcote Media Group, C.E.O., New York
Tera Greenwood, Service Systems Associates, Director of Business Development, Boulder, Colorado
Tammy Haddad, Haddad Media, President & C.E.O., Washington
Kevin Iwamoto, GoldSpring Consulting, Senior Consultant, San Francisco
Christopher J. Kelly, Convene, President & Co-Founder, New York
Amy Kule, Merry Wonderer, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Christie Osborne, Mountainside Media, Owner & Founder, Mammoth Lakes, California
Colleen Rickenbacker, Global PEC Academy, Co-Founder, Dallas
Adam Saks, Tourism Economics, Founder & President, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Adrian Segar, Conferences That Work, Founder, Marlboro, Vermont
Christine “Shimo” Shimasaki, 2synergize, President, San Diego
Meryl Snow, SnowStorm Solutions, Owner & Founder, Philadelphia
Tracy Stuckrath, Thrive Meetings & Events, President, Greenville, South Carolina
Peter Tarlow, Tourism & More, President, Bryan, Texas
Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerX, Chairman, New York
Brad Weaber, Brad Weaber Consulting Group, Principal, Washington


Jeff Chase, Freeman, V.P., Sustainability, San Francisco
Doug Chorpenning, Wet Paint Group, Founder, Denver
Claire Cummings, Bon Appetit Management Company, Waste Programs Manager, Bellingham, Washington
Anthony Dittmann, Kilowatt Events, Co-Founder & President, San Diego
Michelle Guelbart, ECPAT USA, Director, Private Sector Engagement, New York
Courtney Lohmann, PRA Business Events, Director of Culture, San Diego
Kimberly Ritter, Nix Associates, Director of Development, St. Louis
Tammi Runzler, CSRConnections, Executive Vice President, Tampa
James Spellos, Meeting U, President, New York
Nancy Zavada, MeetGreen, Founder & President, Portland, Oregon


Rod Alberts, North American International Auto Show, Executive Director, Detroit
Nicole Berry, the Armory Show, Executive Director, New York
Jessica Blue, Emerald Expositions, Executive Vice President, Los Angeles
Howard Britt, Premiere Shows, Owner, Orlando
Marie Browne, Reed Exhibitions, Group Vice President, LaunchPad, Norwalk, Connecticut
Korbi Carrison, Global Gaming Expo, Event Director, Las Vegas
Karen Chupka, C.E.S., Executive Vice President, Washington
Tom Cindric, Winsight, LLC, President of Exhibitions, Dallas
Tammy Covington Nagem, High Point Market Authority, C.O.O., Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Robyn Davis, When I Need Help, Trade Show Strategy Specialist, Atlanta
Dona Fae Desmond, Comic-Con International, Executive Director, San Diego
Mary Dolaher, Dolaher Events Co., Founder & C.E.O., Boston
Andrew Doole, Informa, President, U.S. Boat Shows, Fort Lauderdale
Jamie Eriksen, S.E.M.A. (Specialty Equipment Market Association), Special Events Director, Los Angeles
Stephanie Everett, Exposition Development Company, Partner & C.O.O., Atlanta
Cassandra Farrington, Marijuana Business Daily, Co-Founder & C.E.O., Denver
Macy Fecto, Access Intelligence, E.V.P. & Chief People Officer, Washington
Lance Fensterman, Reed Exhibitions, S.V.P., New York
John Golicz, Travel & Adventure Shows, Founder & C.E.O., New York
Kelly Helfman, Informa, President of West Coast Women’s, Los Angeles
Noah Horowitz, Art Basel Miami Beach, Director Americas, New York
Lori Jenks, Emerald Exhibitions, S.V.P., Trade Show Operations, Los Angeles
Britton Jones, NXT Events Media Group, Chairman & C.E.O., New York
Tony Karman, Expo Chicago, President & Director, Chicago
Julie Kohl, NeoCon, V.P., Exhibitor Sales, Chicago
Ned Krause, E.J. Krause & Associates, President & C.E.O., Washington
Mary Larkin, Diversified Communications, President, Portland, Maine
Alan Liebensohn, New York International Auto Show, Vice President & Show Director, New York
Robert Lorimer, Arnold Sports Festival, President, Columbus, Ohio
Jim Louderback, VidCon, C.E.O., San Francisco
Rick McConnell, Informa Exhibitions, President, Dallas
Kyle Michaud, Experience Expositions, Founder, Charlotte, North Carolina
Paul Miller, Questex, C.E.O., New York
Courtney Muller, Clarion UX, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, Trumbull, Connecticut
Ashley Robinson, International Market Centers, Director, Tradeshow & Events Operations, Atlanta
Caroline Nabors Rosen, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, Executive Director, New Orleans
Don Pazour, Access Intelligence, C.E.O., Washington
Sandi Potempa, Chicago Automobile Trade Association/Chicago Auto Show, Director, Special Events & Exhibitor Relations, Chicago
Cindy Sample, NAMM, Director of Trade Show Operations, San Diego
Hervé Sedky, Reed Exhibitions, President, Americas, New York
Sally Shankland, Emerald Expositions, President & C.E.O., New York
Matt Shapiro, National Association of Theatre Owners, Director of Operations, CinemaCon, New York
Kellie Shevlin, Craft Beverage Expo, Executive Director, Washington
Marc Simon, PGA Merchandise Show, Event Director, Orlando
Greg Topalian, Clarion UX, President, New York
Suzie Williford, National Kitchen & Bath Association, E.V.P., Industry Relations & Chief Strategy Officer, Houston
Rachel Wimberly, Tarsus Group, E.V.P., Business Development, Toledo, Ohio
Ted Wirth, Diversified Communications, President & C.E.O., Portland, Maine


Kathryn Arce, Engaging Concepts, Co-Founder, Orlando
Laurie Arons, Laurie Arons Special Events, Founder, San Francisco
Marcy Blum, Marcy Blum Associates, Owner, New York
Lynn Easton, Easton Events, Owner, Charleston, South Carolina
Andrea Eppolito, Andrea Eppolito Events, Owner & C.E.O., Las Vegas
Debbie Geller, Geller Events, Owner, Los Angeles
Rebecca Grinnals, Engaging Concepts, Co-Founder, Orlando
Tara Guérard, Tara Guérard Soirée, Owner, Charleston, South Carolina
Alison Hotchkiss Rinderknecht, Alison Events Planning & Design, Creative Director, San Francisco
Nikki Khan, Exquisite Events, Owner, Los Angeles
Julian Leaver, Julian Leaver Events, Founder, Dallas
Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros, Founder & Owner, Miami
Jove Meyer, Jove Meyer Events, Owner & Creative Director, New York
Michelle Rago, Michelle Rago Destinations, Founder, New York
Sharon Sacks, Sacks Productions, President & Founder, Los Angeles
Lisa Vorce, Lisa Vorce CO, Owner & Creative Director, Los Angeles

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This story appeared in BizBash's Fall 2019 issue.